g++ Static Library connection sequence of the giant pits

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When compiling the chat sample for the latest version (12.04) of AllJoyn, you want to use bundle daemon to modify the file in the previous experience: alljoyn-14.02.00-src/build/linux/x86_64/debug/ Dist/samples/chat/makefile:

LIBS =-lalljoyn . /.. /lib/bundledrouter.o-lajrouter -lstdc++-LCRYPTO-LPTHREAD-LRT

1). Compile OK, but run the Times wrong:

./Chat.  while loading shared libraries:liballjoyn.so:cannot open Shared object file:no such file or directory

It turns out. /.. There are two libraries in the/lib/directory:

LL.. /.. /lib/71552drwxr-xr-x 2 Z.rao caf     4096 APR  9 19:56./drwxr-xr-x 6 Z.rao CAF     4096 APR  9 18:35.. /-rw-r--r--1 Z.rao CAF   529336 Apr  9 18:36 bundledrouter.o-rw-r--r--1 Z.rao CAF 38765950 Apr  9 18:3 6 libajrouter.a-rw-r--r--1 Z.rao CAF 24335844 Apr  9 18:35 liballjoyn.a-rwxr-xr-x 1 Z.rao caf< c14/>9621229 APR  9 19:56 liballjoyn.so*

The default connection is the dynamic library: liballjoyn.so*

Although it is possible to solve the connection problem of the dynamic library through Ldconfig, but considering the issue of the program release, I decided to connect the static library Liballjoyn.a

2). Then, delete the liballjoyn.so so that the program connects to the static library Liballjoyn.a :

Rm.. /.. /lib/liballjoyn.somake Clean;make

Unfortunately, the error is:

g++-c-wall-pipe-std=c++98-fno-rtti-fno-exceptions-wno-long-long-wno-deprecated-g-dqcc_os_linux-dqcc_os_group_p Osix-dqcc_cpu_x86-i. /.. /inc-o chat.o CHAT.CCG+ +-o chat chat.o-l. /.. /lib-lalljoyn. /.. /lib/bundledrouter.o-lajrouter-lstdc++-lcrypto-lpthread-LRT ./.. /LIB/BUNDLEDROUTER.O:inch function' Bundledrouter::start (ajn::nulltransport*) ':/home/z.rao/work/library/alljoyn-14.02.00-src/alljoyn_core/router/bundled/bundledrouter.cc:263:undefined Reference to ' qcc::loggersetting::getloggersetting (char const*, int, bool, _io_file*) './.. /LIB/BUNDLEDROUTER.O:inch function' Ajn::P asswordmanager::GetPassword () ':/home/z.rao/work/library/alljoyn-14.02.00-src/alljoyn_core/inc/alljoyn/passwordmanager.h:65:undefined Reference To ' Ajn::P asswordmanager::password ' ./.. /LIB/BUNDLEDROUTER.O:inch function' Ajn::P asswordmanager::getauthmechanism () ':/home/z.rao/work/library/alljoyn-14.02.00-src/alljoyn_core/inc/alljoyn/passwordmanager.h:71:undefined Reference To ' Ajn::P asswordmanager::authmechanism ' ./.. /LIB/LIBAJROUTER.A (TCPTRANSPORT.O):inch function' Ajn::tcptransport::getlistenaddresses (ajn::sessionopts const&, std::vector<qcc::string, Std::allocator <qcc::String> >&) const ':/home/z.rao/work/library/alljoyn-14.02.00-src/alljoyn_core/router/tcptransport.cc:1193:undefined reference to ' Qcc::ifconfig (Std::vector<qcc::ifconfigentry, std::allocator<qcc::ifconfigentry> >&) './.. /LIB/LIBAJROUTER.A (TCPTRANSPORT.O):inch function' Ajn::tcptransport::connect (char const*, ajn::sessionopts const&, qcc::managedobj<ajn::_busendpoint> &) ':

Not defined?

See which symbols are exported?

Nm-c. /.. /lib/liballjoyn.a | grep getloggersetting0000000000000476 T qcc::loggersetting::getloggersetting (char const*, int, bool, _io_ file*)0000000000000000 W qcc::loggersetting::getloggersetting ()

Clearly already defined ah ..... Cry...

Before connecting the dynamic library liballjoyn.so can, static library Liballjoyn.a why not? The solution of baffled

3). To think about it, it could be that the connection order of the static library leads to a cyclic dependency, and there seems to be no other possibility.

So the online search for a pass, found


Modify the makefile to the following form:

" -(""-) " -lstdc++-LCRYPTO-LPTHREAD-LRT

It's done!

What do you want to ask-xlinker? Oh, haha.

g++ Static Library connection sequence of the giant pits

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