General solutions to problems such as failure to Open QQ space and failure to open some webpages

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Many netizens have encountered problems such as the failure to open the QQ space, the failure to open some webpages, and even the failure to open all webpages, this article will introduce some general solutions for processing web pages that cannot be opened. This type of questions is one of the most asked questions on the Internet. But it also solves the problem of minimum probability. Here are several common and common solutions:
1. browser-related problems can be opened in other browsers on your computer. If yes, it indicates that the browser has a problem. If not, it indicates that the network layer has a problem. The problem at the browser layer is generally caused by browser add-ons, cookies, temporary files, or browser settings. In this case, clear the temporary files and try again. If you do not disable the browser add-on, reset the browser settings or clear cookies. If you have not set the browser, therefore, cookies are cleared first. Otherwise, browser settings are reset first. If not, reload the browser.
Take IE 9 as an example: Clear temporary files and cookies: Enable Internet Options:

Disable browser add-on: Click the gear in the upper right corner and select Manage Add-on. In the Manage Add-on window, select disable. Reset the browser settings:

Reinstall IE. If you cancel the installation, the IE is uninstalled. If you select this option, the IE is installed:
Of course, the browser layer also has a situation where the Website Cannot identify the browser, which requires modifying UA. As this rarely happens, it will not be said. IE8 is similar to this. If you want to use other browsers, please reply. 2. Computer problems if all the browsers on your computer cannot be opened, but other people's computers can be opened, it is your computer's problem. Generally, this type of problem may be blocked by anti-virus software or firewall. There are problems with HOSTS files, DNS and IP settings, and DHCP services, Nic drivers, etc. DHCP and nic drivers are deleted, hosts files are tampered with, DNS servers and IP addresses are changed, and so on. First, we should take anti-virus measures and then perform the following operations. 1. Disable Automatic Start or protection of the software or firewall, and then restart the computer. If there is a problem with opening the website, or you cannot open the website, it means there is a problem with the software. If there is a problem with the software removal, first check the soft network protection components, anti-Advertising Components and parental control components, delete the settings of the relevant website, and then try again. If there are no related items in these components, it indicates that there is a serious BUG in the software kill. You are advised to change it to another one. Otherwise, wait for the offline repair package to be provided after the official feedback.
2. hosts file problems the hosts file corresponds to the address of the website and its server. The website cannot be opened after being tampered. The hosts file is in % systemroot %, System32, drivers, etc (change the "#" character file to "\" folder, copy the next hosts file to another folder, add the extended name .txt, open it, and delete items related to the website to be browsed. Save the file, remove the extension, and overwrite the original file.
3. If there is a problem with DNS and IP settings, it is assumed that the web page cannot be opened when the network is plugged in, But wifi can be used, that is, there is a problem with the DNS server and IP settings. Set the DNS and IP in the IPV4 protocol attribute of the corresponding network connection to automatically update. Address: Control Panel \ network and Internet \ network connection, set:
4. DHCP-related services and drive problems are generally impossible. Most problems are caused by viruses and Trojans, which can be checked out through a 360 disconnection first aid box. If the question still exists, you can enter sfc.exe/scannow with the administrator ID and press enter to run the command. You need to insert the original Windows image that is consistent with the current system before running.

After installation, you may need to install a network driver. In addition, the 360 first aid kit and Jinshan first aid kit all have good effects on network disconnection caused by viruses and Trojans. 3. In addition to the above problems, the network, website, and other problems may cause some or even all webpages to fail. 1. Network Service Provider problems sometimes cause network service provider's server to crash or other faults, which may also cause the network to fail. At this time, it is not a single person. Theoretically, the same network cable or broadband users of the same service provider cannot open the webpage. In this case, you can only call network operations for repairs.
2. Local area network management problems are mostly found in enterprises and institutions, most of which are blocking thunder. This is usually prompted on the webpage, and the same department cannot be opened, but the Internet can be opened. This can only be negotiated with the network administrator or supervisor. In addition, VPN or an encrypted Proxy Server can be opened, but it is best not to do so to avoid unnecessary troubles. 3. Website problems when all users cannot open websites, they are generally website problems. It may be that the website is faulty or down, which can only be repaired by the website itself; it may also be that the user is banned from accessing the website, that is, the IP address that is frequently heard is disabled, it can be accessed by a proxy server.

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