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A website should have a theme, this is our core keywords, in general, is also the goal of our home site keyword. is also possible to our website the largest flow of keywords, optimization of the most difficult keywords. Our entire website will be built around the core keywords. We choose the core keywords mainly have the next four points principle.

1. High search volume, low competition degree

This is very good to understand, our site home page must put the most valuable keywords. We try to choose the Baidu Index high and less competitive words. In fact, this is more difficult to find, we need to undergo repeated excavation and analysis. The key words can be compared and analyzed by webmaster tools in detail.

2. The website should have 1 to 3 core keywords

The home page should have 1 to 3 keywords, preferably these 3 keywords have relevance. Beginner SEO people like the business of the products are all written up, that this can bring good rankings to the site. In fact, this is not true. The website homepage keyword too many, the title is too long to be advantageous to the website optimization.

3. Core keywords to meet the overall structure of the site

Core keywords are the theme of our entire website, which requires us to choose the core keywords can play a role in the program. The content of the entire website can be carried out around this core keyword. For example, we now want to choose "Electronic balance" or "Mettler electronic balance" as the key word, that our internal page "The use of electronic balance" This page and "Electronic balance" and "Mettler Electronic balance" which more relevant. This is also our choice of core keywords important basis.

4. Core keywords to fit the long-term goals of the site

We have chosen the key words after the as far as possible not to replace, the replacement of the keyword cost is very large. So we try to choose the key words at once. Some SEO friends like to do some simple keywords first, and so have a good ranking and other more difficult keywords, this approach is very risky. We choose the core keywords best meet the long-term objectives of our site. Long-term planning is also the SEO planning must do.

The general principle of choosing the core keywords of the website is mainly the 4 points. We can combine the above mentioned keyword conversion rate and so on together analysis, find the core keywords for our website. Core keyword is our website optimization in the middle, so choose the core keywords must have the patience to study and analysis.

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