General solution for thinkpad-Mouse problem

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the general solution to the mouse problem:

1. Confirm that the state of the mouse device has been set to Automatic (automatic) or autodisable

Note: If you set the mouse as described above, TrackPoint or Ultranav will be disabled automatically after you connect an external PS/2 mouse.

For the ThinkPad A/T/X/R series models, follow these steps to confirm the settings:

A. Turn on the computer;

B. At the bottom left of the screen press F1 for the IBM BIOS Setup utility prompts the F1 key to enter the BIOS; If prompted to enter a password, please enter the correct password;

C. Select Config, then select Keyboard/mouse;

D. In Keyboard/mouse, the TrackPoint or Ultranav touchpad is set to Automatic or autodisable;

or through the ThinkPad Configuration program to confirm the settings:

A. Click Start, Program, ThinkPad, select the ThinkPad, ThinkPad Utilities, click the ThinkPad Configuration;

B. In the ThinkPad configuration interface, click the TrackPoint button;

C. In TrackPoint, set to Automatic or autodisable;

2. Confirm the external mouse through the port (PS/2 port or USB port) properly connected

There are two ways to connect the PS/2 mouse:

The first type: PS/2 external mouse directly connected to the ThinkPad computer PS/2 mouth;

Second: The PS/2 external mouse is connected to the keyboard/mouse connector (p/n:54g0441), and the keyboard/Mouse connector (p/n:54g0441) is connected to the PS/2 port of the ThinkPad computer;


The legend of the PS/2 port on the ThinkPad computer

The following models do not have PS/2 ports and therefore do not support PS/2 devices:

ThinkPad A30, a30p, A31, a31p

ThinkPad R30, R31, R32

ThinkPad T30

ThinkPad X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30

If you need to connect the USB port mouse, then must choose the model with USB port, and install the operating system that supports USB function;

The legend of the USB port on the ThinkPad computer

3. Confirm the latest driver for the installed mouse

Query for the latest TrackPoint or Ultranav drivers and install them correctly.

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