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To create an ASP Web page, open your familiar HTML editor and enter the code in List B. Make sure the Window.navigate line points to the appropriate folder. To see how it works, open the page in Internet Explorer. Once opened, a message appears telling you that the XML has been created and that a show button appears, clicking the button and IE showing the XML document in Figure E.

Figure E: We use several different XML DOM methods to create a complete XML document

More content in the XML DOM library

As you can see in the sample code, the XML DOM contains more methods and attributes than we have described here. To find the complete XML Document Object model, please visit the Microsoft Web site. Also, how do you want to find examples of XML DOM and advanced usage of XSL and ASP, please visit

XML is developing rapidly, and the XML data model structure provides more functionality than the previous text-centric Web pages, and the XML Document Object model can be programmed to create XML documents for you. In this article, we made an introductory introduction to the XML DOM and demonstrated how to use the XML DOM in active Server pages.

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