Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and Artificial Neural Networks

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Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and Artificial Neural Networks

No one is closer to God than Newton-Inscription

Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and artificial neural networks are three topics that I have recently watched. My meager knowledge in the course class is not enough for me to easily understand this description and simulate the world. The reason why I read these materials is not because they seem to be "advanced", but because several projects that I am very interested in involve some basic principles they contain.

When I read these materials and articles, I encountered a common obstacle: My intuition lost strength.

In daily work, I often encounter some "algorithm" problems: sorting, indexing, inverted index, hash, and red/black tree. I think most of them are the same as me, although you cannot imagine it at first, once you see it, you can understand it simply by intuition. However, intuition, this precious intuition failed when I looked at genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and artificial neural networks, especially artificial neural networks. After a long time, I feel a little frustrated.

For example, in this article: AI-simple genetic algorithm (GA) to solve a Card problem, we should say that this is not a complete concept of genetic algorithm. Some readers also mentioned this in their subsequent comments. The algorithms in this article can be basically understood, but it does not seem to be able to explain why they come ....

Buddha said:
See the mountains are mountains, see the water; see the mountains are not mountains, see the water is not water; see the mountains or mountains, see the water or water.

I think we should look at the problem from another angle when learning such algorithms.
It is very important to find something that connects concepts.

For more information about genetic algorithms, see artificial intelligence genetic algorithms.

Return to the Newton mentioned in the inscription. In our opinion, Newton has a lot of profound discoveries. in Newton's opinion, many mysteries of nature are just there, but he just said it, really cool X. As we said at the end of "Contact", "these tunnels existed before we came, and we don't know who built them ". (97.2% believe that the story in this movie is true .)

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