Genius on the left and right

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This day is groose and has no spirit. I re-read this book at night. I read this book for the first time in the distant sophomore year. At that time, I felt very nice, after reading the story, I also discussed the case with a great god. In fact, psychology is really amazing. There are a lot of interesting cases you don't think of. The world of mental patients may not be terrible, and some may be very warm, like the story "Forever" in this book, I still feel very touched when I read it again. Maybe because of my grandfather, he has almost the same experience, it's not my grandmother, but another person. There are two extremes: genius and madman. One is on the left and the other is on the right, while the other is on the right. The other is us, and we are on the two ends. Spiritual analysis and behavioral psychology are two very important branches of psychology. Spiritual analysis focuses on solving spiritual problems from the human subconscious, behavioral doctrine studies the biological behaviors or human behaviors that can be formed through induction training, and behavior determines the psychology. I am more interested in mental analysis, because the subconscious may have such a thing, and the real needs of people are concealed. Sometimes, my own superficial behavior may not really reflect my inner needs, people like to suppress their own hearts, but the subconscious is terrible, just like a flood beast. If they cannot strictly control or control the release of the subconscious, the flood will crash the dam body, A person will make abnormal behaviors. In fact, that is what he/she really wants to do.
Finally, the most touching text in this book is the old lady's letter to the deceased wife to commemorate the 41 th Anniversary of marriage. She still thinks that he is still alive, as normal people continue to live and exclude the world, two people are actually the world.

The finger ring is no longer shining
Wedding dresses have long been dusty in the wardrobe
Our appearance is getting old.
But the mood remains unchanged.
Thank you for bringing me every day
It's because you
I have the courage to say
"Forever, forever"

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