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Currently fleaphp is still in development, you should visit the page frequently, download the latest version of fleaphp, or update the local fleaphp code directly through the Subversion warehouse.

Fleaphp full edition and fleaphp runtime core total downloads have exceeded the number of times.

Download fleaphp

If Subversion is not available, you can get the. tar.gz and. zip versions of the packaged files with the latest version of the fleaphp framework, sample programs, and documentation through the following connection.

    • Fleaphp full edition (including sample programs)
      • Download: latest.tar.gz, suitable for Linux/unix environment
      • Download:, for Windows environment
      • Download: Due to negligence, shop samples of the Simplified Chinese language files are missing, can be downloaded here.
    • fleaphp Runtime Core (for running your own applications, not including sample programs)
      • Download: runtime.tar.gz, suitable for Linux/unix environment
      • Download:, for Windows environment
    • fleaphp API Documentation
      • Download: apidoc.tar.gz, suitable for Linux/unix environment
      • Download:, for Windows environment
    • APM Express 5– A simplified version of the APACHE/PHP/MYSQL environment that can be used for testing and development
      • Download: Apmxe5.exe, for Windows environment

Read the upgrade fleaphp for questions you need to be aware of when upgrading from an older version to a new version.

If you need to download the old version, please browse the archive download page.

Install fleaphp

The fleaphp installation is simple enough to extract to any directory without modifying the WEB server settings or any configuration files.

Use Subversion to get the latest version of fleaphp

If you use the command line version of Subversion, the following command will export the latest version of fleaphp to the fleaphp subdirectory.

svn checkout svn:// FleaPHP

Fleaphp's SVN warehouse address is:svn://

To update the local fleaphp framework, simply go to the directory where fleaphp resides and execute the command below.

svn update

Use TortoiseSVN to get the latest version of fleaphp

If you are using the TORTOISESVN under Windows, follow these steps:

First download the latest version of TortoiseSVN and the Chinese Language pack (optional).

Tip: After installing the language pack, click the right mouse button in any folder, select "Tortoisesvn→settings" menu, and select "Simplified Chinese".

After the TORTOISESVN installation completes, click the right mouse button in any folder to select the menu "svn out" or (svn Checkout). Then refer to the following figure to enter the file library URL and the export location. Finally, click on the "OK" button to complete the export operation.

To update the source code later, click the right mouse button on the Fleaphp folder icon to select the "SVN Update" menu.

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