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Getting real: This book is very good, from 37 signals. There are some ideas in the book.ProgramThe record of the classic quotations of the famous man is very excited after reading it. I wrote down my favorite words. Reading this book on the National Day holiday is really good.

We recommend that you take a look at the excerpt and your feelings after reading these words!


Getting real Excerpt from my favorite words

1.1 If you only want to make money for a while, you can't help it. it is unlikely to return to this practice quickly. therefore, it is right to focus on making a high-quality software and making tools that you and your customers can rely on for a long time.

What is my motivation? Why do I do it? Is it for money or for bringing value to people and has its social significance?

1.2 you must understand what is the most important and what are the features required in the initial product?

For different purposes, what are the most characteristic features of the current project? What I still don't quite understand is that it is not convincing enough to bring convenience to users and promote user interaction. It should be said that it is necessary to bring real value to users, how can this value be measured? Let's hear what users say.

1.3 The ability to respond in a timely manner is very important.

I have been making adjustments based on external changes. I will be online one year late.

1.4 do you know how a project is dragged to the end of a year later than expected? It's just one day.

After a year of delay, the project was launched. Many of the times, the project was not enough, and its dream could not be imposed on others. However, it was not enough effort. This was the place where I needed to review the project, most of the time, it is not for projects, but to think about what I do for, and to find out what is naturally motivated. after success, I succeeded in a lot of money? Other social responsibilities or others ......... Only you know this, but you know it.

1.5 find an enemy, select a battle, and find out who your software opponent is, like a lamp, which can light your way forward.

Are there any enemies in the project? It's not clear. This is not acceptable!

1.6 One benefit you can get from the enemy is a very clear marketing philosophy.

I am one of the entrepreneurs who are passionate and idealistic. I am not here. What is my marketing philosophy? I need to try to figure it out.

1.7 excessive analysis of other products will slowly limit your imagination, and quickly look at what they are doing and return to your own ideas and ideals.

A delay of one year is a price. this is the price. The more you see, the better you will not always be. It is enough to observe others and learn the core and essence. This requires skill.

1.8 don't always follow the leader, surpass the advantages of the leader, maybe, but you will also pay a painful price

Don't think that your products are better than those of big companies. There is a possibility. But on the day when you fail, many teams are suspended like this.

1.9 we don't follow the big stream. On the contrary, we only look at the general direction and try to remind ourselves what is the key to the problem we want to solve and how to solve it.

What is the general direction, what problems need to be solved, and what is the general direction of E-commerce? Can anyone tell me how to lead me? No, so discover it by yourself

1.10 if you do not treat software as a transaction, you will be able to do well and put it in a small scope that you can grasp, and you will be able to truly enjoy the process.

It is not for others, not for money, but for one's own thoughts, one dream, it can help people

1.11 if you are not excited about the software, there is something wrong with it. if you just pay for it, the impact will occur on the final product. similarly, if you do it with enthusiasm, the results will be reflected in the product. people can tell the difference.

The motivation for implementation also changes. I am changing now, but it is certainly not for money now, although the pressure of life is great.

1.12 love baking and sell your own bread. If people like it, I will sell more. I am doing this because I know what people love to eat.

Since the launch of the project, many friends have paid attention to my work, which is a great pleasure.

1.13 The more lean you are, the easier it will be to change

Have your own direction, and do a good job in this direction

1.14 Let's focus on what we should focus on now

At present, my personal energy is actually there, that is, do not repeat the wheel, the wheel has done a lot, use it, reuse is necessary

1.15 low cost and rapid changes are secret weapons of small teams

Now the team in the company is getting bigger and bigger, and the team is still relatively small, so grouping is correct, but efforts should be made to improve the quality of communication.

1.16 keep small, keep simple, and let it go-

This is what I really want.

1.17 forget about venture capital, long hair distribution cycle, and quick recruitment. Instead, cooperate with you

This is already the case. Although the reality is helpless, we can still do things well without it.

1.18 be yourself and distinguish yourself from your company by kindness, friendliness, and humanization.

I still have my own characteristics, right?

1.19 small companies enjoy less formalism, less bureaucracy, and more freedom

In fact, as long as the people in the team can better cooperate with each other, they can make good things.

1.20 what is the idea of greatness? distinguish yourself from your company by being friendly and human.

What I do now is what I like. It's enough and there's no need to compare it with others.

1.21 your ideas must be concise and can be conveyed in one sentence

What is the concept?

1.22 why are you here? What inspires you?

This is my ideal, because I think I can do something valuable to society through my own efforts.

1.23 do not waste time on issues that have not yet become a problem

Now I have made such a mistake in the program. I have considered many redundancy issues and it is not necessary.

1.24 if you have mastered the information you need, make decisions in time so that you can focus on the problems that need to be resolved immediately.

Now it is a function problem. Fix the function first.

1.25 find the core market of your product and focus on it.

I found my own core market. Did I find it?

1.26 if you want to please everyone, then no one else can please

Just focus on your own subjective things.

1.27 focus on promoting products in a core market

Have you followed the core market?

1.28 if the number of users exceeds your system load, congratulations! I really like this.

Therefore, we do not need to consider high concurrency before such a large concurrency.

1.29 first launch a great product, and then worry about what to do after it is very successful

This is still necessary. Is it too much consideration now? But if someone wants to engage you, you still have to prevent it. The Spam system still needs to be mounted.

1.30 our software has its own personality. They are looking for like-minded user partners. They are talking to users with the same ideals. You can either come up or get off the bus.

Just resonate with your target users.

1.31 build a general product, not half of the defects of the Product

First, make a simple and rough product.

1.32 show what kind of product should be, and cut it by half

First add and then subtract, instead of adding

1.33 most of your time is wasted on irrelevant things. If you can discard unimportant jobs and thoughts, you will gain incredible productivity.

This is important, especially for meetings and discussions.

1.34 from the beginning, it is not easy to implement functions

Many functions need to be demonstrated.

1.35 I know you have one thousand ideas about the cool features of iTunes. so are we. however, we do not want one thousand features. that is disgusting. innovation is not about saying yes to everything. but to say no to everything, except for the crucial features.

GRASP important features

1.36 cost of viewing Functions

How long does it take to develop functions? Is your evaluation accurate? Have you thought about how to get it online tomorrow?

1.37 for a new feature you need ......

1. Say no to it

2. force it to prove its value

3. If you get a negative answer, stop it. Otherwise, continue ....

4. Draw a sketch for the interface

5. Design Interface

6. WriteCode 

7. Test, improvement, test, improvement, test... improvement...

8. Check whether the help text needs to be modified.

9. Update the product pre-traffic process, and update copies of user sales

10. Update the Terms of Service

11. check whether any previous promises are violated

12. Check whether the price system is affected

13. Launch

14. Take a deep breath

This process is required, and I will follow this list.

1.38 Bottom Line: build products and services that you can master. Promise to be easy to comply with, and ensure that what you do is within the scope of your responsibilities-from the Organization, strategy, and finance

I am not doing well with this point, and I will make fewer promises in the future.

1.39 ask your customers to remind you of what is the most important

Need to listen to comments and suggestions

1.40 ask your customers to remind you of what is the most important and how do you manage them? You don't need it. After reading it, You can discard them. The actually useful ones will bubble up.

Don't do anything. Just pick some feasible ones.

1.41 do not list the functions of your product because X people ask for what they need. Sometimes it is better to just say no and maintain your product.

Add new things within the time and energy limits

1.42 grasp the core and ask people what they don't want

There are too many functions. In fact, what are the core functions? If this is done well, there is no need for too many functions.

1.43 innovation comes from saying no, denying one thousand things to ensure that we do not go astray or try to do too much. we are always thinking about entering a new market, but by saying no, we can concentrate on things that really matter.

Concentrated, but not doing well now

1.44 launch a real product as soon as possible, and a running software is real

In fact, this is effective only when you run online.

1.45 don't expect to do well in the beginning. Let the software grow naturally, talk to the software, and let it change naturally. Jinhua, as an online software, will not be launched until it is completed.

Everything requires a process. don't worry too much.

1.46 from inspiration, to draft, to HTML, to code

This process is now done

1.47 when you reach the "done" stage, it indicates that you have completed something.

It's nice to get the job done.

1.48 why do I not like others' ideas? I am only interested when I see it being executed.

Many people only think about it and do not have any actions. I have seen too many people and have worked with such people. Next, pay attention to it.

1.49 test your software in practical use

Value can be explained only when it is used in reality.

1.50 faster

A time period is required.

1.51 smaller tasks and timelines if a programmer completes a large task in three weeks, he/she will spend two and a half weeks dragging and programming.

We still need to improve our own procrastination habits. This is a universal problem. When people are tired

1.52 compile a small specific module for the programmer one afternoon. He/she will have a way to get it out and prepare for the next small task.

Divide the task into small pieces so that everyone can complete it.

1.53 time alone, in order to make things better, people need no disturbing time. Time alone is the place where real magic is developed.

It is true that everyone has different habits.

1.54 break down teams into small, autonomous, and independent small units to reduce these communication channels

Now this is a good strategy. I need to work hard to do these things.

1.55 find and celebrate a small victory. What is the most important issue in software development?

I'm happy to see no progress.

1.56 increasing manpower for deferred software development projects will only delay the progress

I have never managed this. I don't know.

1.57 first cooperate with candidate employees in the test project

Talent Recruitment

1.58CommunityContribution selection of potential technical talents

This is very difficult in China, but it can still be done.

1.59 if you want to do one thing well, find the busiest person you know. People who love programming and can work well are the team members you really need.

Unfortunately, I did not find such a person. The key is that such a person and me don't come. The key is that I have never seen such a person.

1.60 find people with all-round development and select multiple experts who can learn quickly, instead of experts who specialize in one aspect.

Now programmers must possess such qualities.

1.61 start page design first. The core of the page is its survival. The epicenter design allows you to focus on the really important part from the very beginning.

What is the most important thing on every page?

1.62 for each page, you need to consider three possible situations: if everything is normal, the first time you run it, add a new user guide hot recommendation error when an error occurs.

I often did not think about the initial and errors. I have to pay attention to them. I have encountered such problems in my work recently.

1.63 what really matters on the Web is whether the user can quickly and easily move on to the next step in the process on each independent page.

User behaviors and habits, as well as my own behaviors and habits

1.64 good writing is a good design. The words and designs on the interface must complement each other.

Better text on the Interface

1.65 for the background interface that rejects Separation

Later, the design was based on the operator's efficiency.

1.66 Streamline software and simplify code

It is certain that there are few functions and less Code. There is also a need for good accumulation and habit.

1.67 do not predict future problems for the moment. First, handle the problems today.

This is a must-have.

1.68 no code is more flexible than no code

This is true, so we should pay attention to it in terms of functions.

1.69 listen when the code is pushed, listen to your code. It will make suggestions and push you. It will tell you where the defects are. It will suggest a new way to do things.

Pay attention to your own code and check it out from time to time. Do not read the code you have written.

Code 1.70 can guide you to find the cheap and lightweight correction solutions.

Know what you write, know what you write, and constantly improve your capabilities.

1.71 if you pay the programmer to cut down the code from the software, rather than writing new code, the software will be much better

Therefore, you need to implement the functions first.

1.72 pay off your code and design Bill

Design well, including code design, so that you can be perfect.

1.73 Function Definition none at all

The Function Definition document is not required, but it is necessary to write a detailed description on the interface.

1.74 what is your product's personality type?

What is my product's personality type?

1.75 edible Blocks

What is each block used?


Registration is easy, and cancellation is easy.

1.77 use advance notice and retention of terms to mitigate the impact of bad news on users

What you need to acknowledge when there is a problem

1.78. preferences during promotion, spread seeds in blogs or other places.

Promotion is very important

1.79 powerful promotion websites from highlights to rehearsals to online Overview: Describe your application and its benefits guide: guide people to experience various features screen and video Declaration: elaborate on the philosophy and ideas of stock case studies: show show examples and possibilities of life resonance: Reference comments from customers, proof materials of news forum: site fees and registration for mutual help of community members: get people to use your app blog as soon as possible: provide news to keep the website dynamic

You need to learn this.

1.80 study logs and track Resonance

Importance of Data Analysis

1.81 do not outsource customer support to call centers or third parties.

It is important to know the existing problems.

1.82 using embedded help and common troubleshooting, the product does not need manual or user training

Easy to use

1.83 the quick response time for difficult issues should be given the highest priority

Solve the problem as soon as possible

1.84 give out bad news and don't block him

Bad messages must be handled with peace of mind

1.85 one-month adjustment period, released a major update 30 days after the launch

Keep updated after going online

1.86 maintain the number of posts, maintain a continuous Product Development blog after going online, and show that your product is full of vigor

My blog is ruined. Unfortunately, hi...

1.87 prioritize bugs (or even ignore some of them)

This does need to be sorted.

1.88 stay advanced and subscribe to news from your competitors

In the subscription environment, the news from competitors is very important.

1.89 startyour engines done! Execution people more than just software keep in touch



37 Signals

The author of Ruby on rail saw the speech. At that time, there was no feeling. Now I have read the book and found it, in fact, I am also a programmer with ideas, but anyone with ideas will work hard to realize their own ideas. Passion comes from here, instead of using money or other external pressure, this is from the heart, so this book is a good place here, I suggest you look at it.


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