Getting started with stored procedure

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Getting started with stored procedure
Create procedure procedue_name
[@ Parameter data_type] [output]
[With] {recompile | encryption}
SQL _statement
Output: this parameter can be returned.
With {recompile | encryption}
Recompile: indicates re-compiling every time this stored procedure is executed.
Encryption: the content of the created stored procedure is encrypted.

The table book content is as follows:
Title price
001 C language entry $30
002 PowerBuilder report development $52
Example 1: query the table Book content
Create proc query_book
Select * from book
Exec query_book
Example 2: Add a record to the table book and query the total amount of all books in the table
Create proc insert_book
@ Param1 char (10), @ param2 varchar (20), @ param3 money, @ param4 money output
With encryption --------- encryption
Insert book (number, title, Price) Values (@ param1, @ param2, @ param3)
Select @ param4 = sum (price) from book
Declare @ total_price money
Exec insert_book '003 ', 'Delphi development Guide', $100, @ total_price
Print 'total amount is '+ convert (varchar, @ total_price)
Example 3: There are two tables: Product and Order. The table content is as follows:
Product No. Product name customer order quantity
001 pen 30 002 brush 50 003 pencil 100 Order
Product No. Customer name customer deposit
001 Nanshan District $30
002 Luohu District $50
003 Baoan District $4
Connect two tables into a temporary table by serial number. This table only contains serial numbers, product names, customer names, deposits, and total amount,
Total amount = deposit * number of orders. Temporary tables are stored in the stored procedure.
The code is as follows:
Create proc temp_sale
Select a. Product no., a. Product name, B. Customer name, B. Customer deposit, a. Number of customer orders * B. Total amount of customer deposits
Into # temptable from Product a inner join Order B on a. Product No. = B. Product No.
If @ error = 0
Print 'good'
Print 'fail'

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