Girl denounced Beijing hospital dealer: 300 Fry to 4500, my God!

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"Woman scold: Hospital Scalper, hospital and Security Liyingwaige" Recently, a woman in the hospital scold Scalper, hospital and security video on the internet sparked hot discussion. She claimed to go to Beijing to see a doctor, waiting for a day not to hang to the number, speaking of excitement, and someone gave her water. "So you're bullying people?" The woman said: "The number of 300 dollars, he wants 4500, I Day", "this big Beijing, if today I go home dead Road, that this society really hopeless." This is Beijing, the capital. "Is it difficult to see a doctor here?"

> Woman: In that said, little girl we can not control him, he is old stiff, you are not say anything the line. And then I stood here, and I said no matter I am standing here today, you are too rampant. The other person just say you stand here, I see tomorrow can let you hang up, this morning said, I see you can let you hang up tomorrow. I stood today really did not hang up, the inside that person told me no number, the back of the window someone hung up. Hospital registered people security yesterday in front, security and hospital registered people and Scalper Liyingwaige, a 300 dollar number, he can be 4500. Oh, my God. People see a disease hung a number why so much money so hard, we rely on the ability, early in the day I was here to wait for a day, I can not put on the number you scalper even say you earn the money you stand here cold also line, you scalper finally came, to 10 people to this station you are what ah, how are you so rampant? Just put it on the outside of the station 10 people, not even move the drive.

Yesterday there are security, you see the video today, yesterday in the security of that piece of time, all the Scalper stop us line, put them all in front, we behind the real people dare not say anything, security to where. Security does not arrange queue Scalper arrange queue, security came to say how to stand two teams, scalper and security make a color you don't say anything. This is what ah, security does not arrange queue, scalper Arrange we queue, all do security, put their people all row front, we are what ah. And I tell you, this big Beijing if one day, today I go home if I heard that I die, I told you, this society there is no hope. This is called the capital of Beijing, this is called the capital, I go to the capital to see a disease, I was this sin I wait for a day to this line, I can not line up the team I am you this gas, you take us as what. Yesterday said that should beat dozen to scold scold, we also platoon a team platoon, I when you slaves, you have how big ability, also hit a curse again.

Girl denounced Beijing hospital dealer: 300 Fry to 4500, my God!

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