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Since the beginning of the 90 's [url=] electronic map application [/url] has received people's attention, but due to the limitations of the Times and the development of market economy is immature. The application of GIS system has not been used very well. Only a handful of state institutions and military systems can use these applications. With the development of technology and the demand of market economy development, especially the birth of standardized standard of GIS industry, the application of high-end geographic information system is made possible. With the continuous breakthrough of technology and the standardization of industry, GIS application has entered our life, and gradually be used in business model.
Since ancient times, human activities have always been inseparable from the geographical location of the judge, according to the statistics of more than 80% of human activities and location-related, along with social development, the emergence of large cities, geographical information and location information more and more people pay attention to, even in daily life imperceptibly change people's lives. Looking for restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, shopping malls, banks, tourist attractions and so on, just tap the mouse or touch the screen, the information needed to appear in front. Location services will be our best guide. Therefore, the map has always played an important role in the history of mankind.

Shanghai for Zhuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. and map maps jointly launched the Enterprise electronic Map solution is the high-end electronic map application "civilian", in the industry's first

Home launched according to the needs of enterprises, customized to provide enterprise E-map solutions, the goal is to let thousands enterprise website at low cost to enjoy professional location services

。 The product will be "enterprise-owned website, Enterprise internal website, electronic map location punctuation, enterprise personalized logo and related introduction, matching the existing electronic map of a variety of powerful

Function "organically together, the position of the enterprise is at a glance. Through the electronic map, the user can also realize the bus transfer route query, self-driving route query, week

Side service facilities query and other functions, no longer use cumbersome language to tell the other side of the difficult to remember the address, for business activities to provide a high-efficient location query means.

"Every website will have its own electronic landmark", "Precision location punctuation" business will become the future of Internet applications and services new bright spot.

Enterprise Web Application System

The [url=] electronic map embedded in the enterprise application system [/url], can be the internal management of enterprises, business communications and business contacts to play an unexpected role. The enterprise managers can intuitively

To solve their own and competitor's service network distribution, so as to strengthen management, make scientific decision-making. Business partners can easily find an enterprise from an electronic map

Geographic location, while getting basic information about your business. Customers are the most direct beneficiaries, they can easily find the nearest chain store and repair from the electronic map of the enterprise.

To get more thoughtful service. The most attractive aspect of the app is that these e-maps are already embedded in the Enterprise Web application system, which means that users only

To surf the Internet, you can always get updated dynamic electronic map.

We share a typical chain of hotel industry case GIS,

GIS demand analysis of chain hotel industry

The chain operation is the product of the rapid economic development brought by the modern industrial Revolution, and is the product of socialized mass production. The impetus for the rapid economic growth brought about by the industrial revolution

, chain operation as a modern circulation industry, the new form of enterprise organization and business mode, produced in the United States, but because it is not subject to national and regional restrictions, two are not affected by

The restriction of cultural tradition and business habits, three is not limited by the industry, retail trade, so quickly spread around the world, in all the conditions of the place and the field has produced

Chain operation. Telephone, paper map has been far from meeting the customer's understanding of the chain location, therefore, the emergence of electronic map to solve the chain of enterprise location difficult confusion

: How to go.

Chain Hotel Industry Case Introduction
1. National Hotel City Distribution management.

2. The category of different brands of the same chain of enterprises query.

3. Find the nearest hotel chain based on typical landmarks

4. Hotel location is clear. The surrounding facilities of the hotel query, how to use different means of transport to arrive at this hotel.

5. Through the electronic map entrance, can quickly link about the hotel detailed introduction, hotel booking, hotel video and other pages, to achieve a map one-stop service.

Of course, in addition to the fast chain of GIS applications, there are many industries, many types of GIS map development and application, but the ultimate goal is to better access to map data and the perfect integration of the enterprise's products, so that the audience convenient and easy to accept or find the company's products.
[Img=] [/IMG]

In recent years, due to the birth of smartphones, mobile networks have seen unprecedented development. We take the American Regiment network as an example to tell the application of GIS in mobile phone client.
With the application of GIS electronic map access to people can better understand the surrounding business district information, so as to better enjoy life. Learn about the dynamic information around the world and get the market environment for data analysis.
Of course, the application of GIS far more than these, small and medium-sized enterprises GIS application is slowly developing, the future business model will need more GIS participation and integration.

GIS solution for modern enterprise E-map

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