Git SSH Key settings and gitsshkey settings

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Git SSH Key settings and gitsshkey settings
I wanted to write an article about SSH, mainly about Git SSH. However, I found that many articles have been well written. You can refer to the "references" below ".

Here is a simple record (for Mac), Git SSH Key settings, for your own memo.

1. generate an SSH key

If ~ /. There is no key under the ssh directory (for example, id_rsa and, which must be generated.

$ ssh-keygen [-t rsa] [-C “”]

-T and-C parameters are not required.

Enter the storage location and password (not required) as prompted.

2. copy and paste all contents of the public key (. pub) File

This is a simple method I just learned.

$ pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

Then, press the paste shortcut key to paste the file.


Generate an SSH Public Key (Pro Git)

Generating SSH Keys (GitHub Help)
Add SSH keys (keyboardOTA) to the github account)
Allow two linux machines to use ssh without the user name and password (kongqz)
SSH (Baidu encyclopedia)

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How to create an ssh-key

The ssh method is required for downloading code using repo git. Currently, the password method is not supported for downloading code, and only the ssh-key method is supported, users who need to download the code should generate an ssh-key locally according to the following method, and then send the corresponding certificate file to the moderator or administrator. After obtaining the permission to download the code, they can download it directly; set the access permission. The new git library adopts the certificate authentication method. Please run the following command on your local machine: # ssh-keygen will enter the information in ~ /. Generate the file and id_rsa file under the ssh directory. Please send the file to me (moderator ). Then, use the id_rsa certificate when using ssh. The generated ssh certificate is automatically provided when linux and MacOS log on via ssh. On windows, you can use xshell or putty to create a certificate. Currently, no password is provided for logon.

How do I create a Linux ssh key file for logon, and how do I set it for logon users?
User1 (client) user2 (server)
Generate key
User1 $ ssh-keygen-t rsa
User1 $ ls/home/user1/. ss
Private Key Public Key ================ Import
User1 $ ssh-copy-id-I/home/user1/. ssh/ user2@
User1 $ ssh user2@

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