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GitHub's editor Atom 1.0 has come out, in

I used to write a script for two years with notepad++ on win. Recently rewritten LUA, the project team Unified Sublime text. Sublime text in Win input Chinese cursor does not follow (as if there is a solution, not to toss), and in Ubuntu directly is unable to input Chinese. See Atom coming out, try it quickly.

To tell the truth, and sublime text still very much like, shortcut keys ctrl+p These are the same. So don't say anything on the use, say the settings. Atom's setting interface is much more humane than sublime. The win version is entered in the file---->setting, and the Linux version is in edit---->preferences

1. Chinese

The win version of Atom installs the display Chinese completely no problem. Ubuntu is directly garbled. Need to edit---->preferences---->font family to set the font to Droid Sans Mono, Droid Sans Fallback

2. Spell check

My level is lower, write the code basically can not go through spell detection. Old in my code underlined and looked upset. Edit---->preferences---->packages below, search for spell check, put this plugin disable

3. File Preview

Sublime text is known, click a file in the File Manager, just preview it. Only if you modify this file or double-click it to open it, you will have to add a tab to open it. This function is a new one in atom

tab to preview and need to edit---->preferences---->packages, search tabs, click setting, select Use Preview tabs

4. Syntax highlighting

Atom comes with a lot of syntax highlighting, c\c++, HTML, CSS, Java and so on n many, but incredibly no LUA. Search for Lua in the edit---->preferences---->install, locate Language-lua, install. Just a reboot. (PS: Actually need to restart ...)

5. Themes

Atom comes with the theme is not ugly, but not familiar with the Monokai good-looking (a person likes ...). So edit---->preferences---->install search Monokai, install. Then switch to the Themes tab and select the theme. The atom theme is divided into UI theme and syntax theme. UI theme is tab color, interface color, syntax theme is syntax highlighting. I changed syntax theme for Monokai just fine.

6. Show spaces, line breaks

In the edit---->preferences, select Show Invisibles. Key to Space

Edit---->preferences tick soft tab, which also has tab length to set tab lengths, default to 2. Then press the TAB key to automatically convert to a space, if you do need to enter the TAB key, CTRL + SHIFT + P, enter Editor:toggle Soft tabs can be. Then type the cancellation again.

Although Atom has a setup interface, it is still based on the configuration file. Click the Open Config folder in the edit---->preferences to open the settings file configuration directory. Here, you can make very fine changes to all configurations.

For example, if you need to customize the display of spaces and line breaks, you can modify the fields in Config.cson:

INVISIBLES:{CR: "", Eol: "", Tab, ""}

This will have more options in the Setup interface

You can also specify here directly:



Space: "."

For example, the code break in Lua does not automatically indent, modify Packages/language-lua/settings/language-lua.cson to:

'. Source.lua ':
' Editor ':
' Commentstart ': '--'
' Increaseindentpattern ': ' ^\\s* (else|elseif|for| ( local\\s+)? function|if|repeat|until|while) \\b ((?! End).) *$|\\{\\s*$|\\ ([\\s\\s]*$ '
' Decreaseindentpattern ': ' ^\\s* (elseif|else|end|until,?| \\}\\)?). *$|^\\) $ '

For example, you are not satisfied with the color of the annotations in Monokai, modify the Package/monokai/index.less

. Comment {
Color: #75715E;

In addition, atom installation comes with some command line tools. such as the Package Management tool APM (Atom Package Manager). These tools are registered to the current system environment when they are installed. For example, you can install LUA syntax highlighting by entering APM install Language-lua directly in CMD, and also under Linux.

GitHub Atom Trial

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