GitHub is walled, and we have more Git hosting services.

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Git's Revision Control software has been very popular in recent years. I also switched from SVN to Git about a year ago. For most of my spare-time projects, Git gives me more advantages than SVN when I operate it by myself. Later, with the rise of GitHub, I could also think that SVN had a central code library, and I could use it as an online resume through Web display.

However, GitHub is widely known in China (non-technical personnel). Thanks to the Spring Festival ticket flushing plug-in for dragging GitHub down. This is a great stress test for GitHub. The plug-ins appeared to be stopped by the Ministry of Railways, but it is obviously impossible to block plug-ins installed on various browsers. So they took out the killer: blocked GitHub outside GFW. However, it seems that it is not because of plug-ins, but some wiki pages on GitHub contain sensitive words. The reason is not important, but GitHub's wall is obviously a big impact on programmers. What programmers learned from "Recommendations for some video tutorial websites" isHow to write codeWhile other people's code can be learned from GitHubHow to write code.

Fortunately, GitHub was unblocked soon, but what if it becomes "a well-known foreign website that cannot be accessed" in the future? So I recommend some code hosting servers that support Git for your selection. In fact, in addition to preventing GitHub from becoming inaccessible for a long time, there are other reasons for choosing a website other than GitHub. For example, GitHub mainly supports open-source projects, so the above Code is fully open. Of course, you can also create private projects, but you need to pay monthly fees.


This is a hosting platform in China, so it is the first recommendation. If GitHub is really walled, GitCafe is expected to become"YouTubeBehind the wallYouku,FaceBookBehind the wallRenren,TwitterBehind the wallWeibo"







In addition to the above Code hosting service platform, we can also build our own Git service. I have always hoped to install a local service that integrates code browsing, Bug tracking, and transaction creation functions like GitHub. Unfortunately, GitHub is not open-source, but there are still many other systems to choose from.

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