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my current computer is Apple's MacBook mb061 and is configured as CPU: t7300 memory: 1g running in Mac OS is still smooth, but the Running Effect in windows is not very good as a developer vs2005, SQL server2005 with some other auxiliary tools, the computer is equivalent to the card, but there is no obvious heat dissipation problem under Mac OS. It is also very obvious that sometimes the temperature is very high, so that people basically do not dare to use it. Now the main consideration is to switch thinkPad x61 series, the configuration is CPU: t8300 memory: 2 GB, and then upgrade the hard disk to 7200 to 16 m cache, but I don't know if this is necessary. Please help me to select.

currently, the main problem is that the efficiency of the MacBook in Windows is low, and the configuration in the notebook is not bad.
The following is my comparison:
1. Performance, after being replaced with the above configuration, the performance should be improved.
2. Heat Dissipation: in windows, the heat dissipation of MacBook is poor. It can only achieve the effect of general Chinese products. It should be improved after replacement, although x61 is a 12-inch small version.
3. quality. I personally think that the product quality of apple is not bad. At least my current Machine Shell is strong enough, and I have been surprised several times. ThinkPad shell should not be much different, but it is said that x61 rotate shaft has a design defect, will be broken, I do not know whether it is true or false, hope to use the eldest brother to give advice. I don't think there is much difference in other products. There are just a few OEM companies, either Guangda or weichuang. I hope the experienced big brother can give some advice.
4. Portability: After replacement, the portability is greatly improved. The size of a MacBook is 13.3, 2.17, and that of a ThinkPad x61 is 12.1, 1.45.
5. Screen Display Effect: This ThinkPad does not have a good Screen Display Effect on apple. I have not seen several screens that can surpass Apple's. However, I do not have high requirements.
6. Network, limited network card comes with Gigabit, wireless ThinkPad x61 is 802.11abg, MacBook is 802.11n, more advanced.
7. the appearance has its own advantages. I personally think that the MACOs looks like a work of art and is relatively elegant and not practical. ThinkPad looks like a server and a machine, but it is trustworthy and commercially available, practical.
8. entertaining. macBook is not entertaining in windows, but it is not considered to play games. However, if you play music, the sound effect should be better than that of x61. It is more comfortable to watch movies because it is a 13.3-inch server wide screen, the x61 12-inch General screen is slightly different. I don't know if x61 can be used as a normal game? Note (I basically do not play games ).
9. peripherals. This feature has its own advantages. The MacBook provides a built-in camera, a suction drive, a remote control, and an x61 optical drive. However, there are more integrated USB ports and VGA ports.
10. comfort. most people in our industry are typing, so the comfort of the keyboard is very important. The MacBook keyboard is very useful, and the ThinkPad x61 keyboard is also good, although it is smaller. Not to mention touchpad.
11. Other. The MACOs are white, hard to clean, and dirty. ThinkPad x61 is the opposite.

it is difficult to choose whether to change or not. Please give me a suggestion. Thank you.

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