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As the subject says, this month, we want to give a thumbs up for our English. There are three reasons:

1. Daily persistence

Everyone knows this month that both the test and the soft test are being prepared, and the time is very short. Yes

As we did before, I don't know if you are. Anyway, I only review the content of the test, while English is an uninterrupted language. Otherwise, the learning effect will be greatly reduced. However, in the days before the test, everyone was still learning English, but they did not fall.

2. Integrate into life

Without knowing it, English has quietly integrated into our lives. Here is an example. When I went out to eat oysters with my classmates, everyone saw the new scenario where Rebecca and her uncle went to eat in the United States. Today, during our health check, I thought of the scenario when Rebecca's father died. Although it was not suitable, the conversation in the scenario has always appeared, let's make a little progress.

3. failed revolution

I learned English for 8 hours during the summer vacation and made a little progress in my English. But now I occasionally say that my voice is still incorrect because I have not heard enough or cannot. Therefore, our own volume has not reached the point of qualitative change. Therefore, we need to move forward steadily.

In short, we have seen our own progress. We must constantly encourage ourselves. At the same time, we must know how much we are inferior to the real cool people, and we must always spur ourselves.

Give us a compliment in English

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