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Glary Utilities is a collection of series of system utilities that can repair, accelerate, enhance, and protect your PC. It allows you to clean system spam files, invalid registry keys, Internet records, etc. You can also manage and remove IE plug-ins, analyze disk space usage, and find duplicate files. In addition, Glary Utilities can optimize memory, find, repair or delete shortcuts, manage Windows startup programs, uninstall software, safely delete files, find empty directories, and many other utility system maintenance tools.

Software Installation:

The installation process for Glary utilities is simple, and users can easily complete the installation of the program based on the default settings of the Installation Wizard. The program supports a multinational installation language, including Simplified Chinese, as shown in the picture, so there is no need for domestic users to worry about the language barrier during installation and use.

Select Program Installation language

Glary Utilities has an additional option to set the browser home page during the installation process. As shown in the figure, the program requires the user to install the Ask toolbar, as shown in the picture, the program will install the toolbar and set it as the default search engine, of course, users can cancel the default check after the installation process.

Setup Toolbar Options

Software Features:

Glary Utilities offers a number of powerful, easy-to-use system tools and utilities to help users solve system problems, speed up running, and maintain and protect your PC.

Glary Utilities's "one-Key Optimization" module provides registry cleanup, shortcuts repair, boot management, temporary file cleanup, privacy clearance, spyware removal, and other practical functions, the default settings in addition to the "Privacy clearance" feature is not checked, all other features are checked, if the user for " Privacy Clearance "Features are required, you can check and set the specific need to clear the privacy options to enable this feature.

One-Key optimization module

Users can easily detect the problems in the current system by simply clicking the "Start Scan" button on the lower side of the function window, as shown in the figure.

Perform a scan operation

Scanning process completed, the user can see what the scan to the problem, as shown in the figure, Glary utilities will scan the number of questions to display in red, users can click the corresponding number of "Details" button to view the details of the problem detected by the class.

Scan test Results

As for the repair of the scan problem, the user simply clicks the "Fix problem" button on the underside of the scan result interface to easily fix all the problems that the scan found, as shown in the figure.

Problem Repair Completed

The tools module of Glary Utilities provides cleanup and repair, optimization and enhancement, privacy and security, files and folders, and System Tools five modules, where the "clean and Repair" module is displayed by default, which has built-in HDD cleanup, cleaning up the registry, Fix invalid shortcuts and Uninstall Manager four feature options as shown in the figure, the user can clean the hard disk to get more space through the hard disk Cleanup; Registry cleanup is used to scan and purge registry garbage; Fix invalid shortcuts feature to find and fix problems with shortcuts in the desktop and Start menu Uninstall Manager user completely uninstall unwanted programs.

Purge and Repair modules

The "Optimize and enhance" module has built-in boot manager, Memory Optimizer, right-click menu management, and registry collation four functional options, as shown in the figure, users can manage the boot from the start manager, using the memory optimizer to monitor and optimize memory space; Using the right Key menu management program to manage files and folders, and so on the right menu items, using Registry collation program to organize the registry, improve the system running speed.

Optimization and enhancement

The privacy and security module has a built-in privacy cleaner, file shredder, undelete, file encryption and decryption four functional options, as shown in the picture, where the privacy cleaner used to clear the use of various programs to protect personal privacy; The file shredder is used to completely delete the file to ensure that it cannot be restored; The undelete program is used to quickly recover files that have been completely deleted; The file encryption and decryption feature is used to protect files from unauthorized access and use.

Privacy and security

The files and Folders module built-in file Folder Analyzer, duplicate file finder, empty file finder, and file splitting and merging four tools, as shown in the figure, File Folder Analyzer to help users get the specified file folder more detailed information; The duplicate file finder is used to help users find duplicate files; The empty file Finder is used to help users find empty folders in the system; file splitting and merging functions are used to split large files into smaller files or to combine many small files into one large file.

Files and folders

The System Tools module has a built-in process manager, IE Browser Assistant, and Windows standard tools three tools, as shown in the diagram, in which the process manager can be used to monitor all processes currently running, ie browser Assistants to manage the extensions for IE browsers, and to fix ie; The user clicks the Windows Standard Tool button to quickly access several useful tools built into Windows.

System Tools

Software Update:

Glary Utilities provides an online update database service that allows users to update their programs to the current version at any time. The user's status option in the main interface of the program can view the version of the current program and the time of the last update, date of the database, click the Check for Updates button to immediately detect whether the current version is the latest version, and if an updatable version is detected, you can update it immediately.

Status interface

Check for Updates


Glary Utilities is a comprehensive and functional collection of system maintenance tools, it offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed u P, maintain and protect your PC. Provides a number of powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to help users easily troubleshoot system problems, speed up system efficiency, and maintain and protect your PC.

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