GNOME 3.x installation Configuration Small Penguin IME framework and Sunpinyin plugin

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Fcitx Small Penguin Input Method framework has become more and more mature, and has a very high performance, with the Sun PinYin Intelligent Input Method and Windows Sogou Baidu and other input methods almost no two. In fact, now the Linux version of the Sogou input method is based on Fcitx little Penguin input paper do! Use the following command to uninstall IBUs and install the FCITX IME Framework and the Sun PinYin Smart Input Method: sudo yum remove ibus*sudo yum install fcitx-gtk* fcitx-configtool fcitx-pinyin fcitx-sunpinyin sunpinyin* im-chooser after execution, it is time to use Im-chooser to select IME as FCITX. If you use Im-chooser to select FCITX after the error display: GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark. Imsettings 2derror_2dquark. Code5:current desktop isn ' t targeted by imsettings. to view the log, the key sentence is: info:attempting to switch IM to FCITX [Lang=en_us.utf8, Update=true] is true. Imsettings is going to be disabled. This is because the built-in plugin keyboard in the GNOME Shell is activated and takes over the management of the keyboard layout and special shortcut keys, which is conflicting with im-chooser, so it must be disabled. This requires the Gsetting setting, using the following command: Gsettings Set Org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.keyboard active false now go to set Im-chooser to select Fcitx, then it is best to add a configuration script in/ETC/PROFILE.D named content as follows: #! /bin/bash Export GTK_IM_MODULE=FCITXExport QT_IM_MODULE=FCITXexport xmodifiers= "@im =fcitx" Save the above modifications. All scripts saved in the/ETC/PROFILE.D directory are executed by the profile when the system is started. Of course, it is even more prudent to include the declaration of the above three environment variables in the current user's. Bash_profile. After rebooting, you can use FCITX. For the FCITX shortcut key formulation, in addition to the fcitx-configtool in the explicit formulation ctrl-space or super-space (these two shortcuts can both be effective), but also attention to GNOME's system settings, "Keyboard" and "Shortcut"- > the "typing" section of the "Toggle the next IME" shortcut key settings, it is recommended to change it to "empty", otherwise it will cause FCITX set shortcut keys invalid.

GNOME 3.x installation Configuration Small Penguin IME framework and Sunpinyin plugin

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