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The source of this article Baidu Mux, since the Golden Section theory, has been applied to countless industrial design, graphic design level, this article will be an example of the design of Apple brick, to see how 0.618 is embedded into our daily life:

You study or not study, beauty is there, not biased, you find or do not find, the Golden section is there, not many. Know him, find beauty, also give oneself add wonderful, good works will not have no basis.

Lift the veil.

0.618 or 1.618, does this number feel familiar? This is actually a mathematical proportional relationship (speaking of mathematics, do not be anxious dizzy oh, know that we do design is not sensitive to the calculation, hehe, that is, a segment is divided into two parts, at this time the ratio between the short and the long segment is exactly equal to the length of the whole line ratio, its numerical ratio of 1:1.618 or 0.618:1.

This is the Golden Division law, which was discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras in Sixth century, and later Plato, the ancient Greek aesthetic, called it the Golden Division. The Gold division existed in the objective world before it was discovered, but only when people revealed the mystery did they have a clear understanding of it. When people observe nature in accordance with this law, they are amazed to see it in many beautiful things in nature, such as plant leaves, flowers, snowflakes, pentagram. Many animals, insects in the body structure, especially in the human body is more rich in the relationship between gold.

Gold segmentation in plant leaves

The Nautilus curve of each radius and the latter is the ratio of gold, is the most beautiful natural workmanship.

These mathematical wonders of flora and fauna are not accidental coincidences, but the best solutions to their own growth that have been chosen for eons of time in the evolutionary process.

Get closer.

As an important form of beauty law, Golden Division law has become the classical law of aesthetics, so far. Here I would like to recommend you an aesthetic weapon--the Golden Rectangle (Golden Rectangle). Its aspect ratio is 0.618 of the gold fraction, and can be continuously separated by this ratio.

Golden Rectangle:

The golden ratio and the golden rectangle can bring beauty and delight to the picture. It can be found in many works of art and architecture. The Pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon in Athens, the Taj Mahal in India, all of these great masterpieces have the shadow of a golden divide.

The Taj Mahal's multiple layouts reveal the golden divide.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa's face is also in line with the golden rectangle (a lot of pictures on the internet here to say, hehe), "Last Supper" also applied the proportion of the layout.

In the Last Supper, there is a delicate relationship between the back wall and the window, the foreground table and the disciples ' feet.

Why do people instinctively feel the beauty of such proportions? In fact, this is closely related to human evolution and normal human development. According to research, from apes to human evolution, the skeleton in the skull and leg bone changes the most, the body shape due to the approximate gold and the rectangle changes the smallest, the human body structure has a lot of proportion close to 0.618, so that the human body in the hundreds of thousands of years of historical accumulation of the United States fixed. Human being most familiar with himself, it is bound to the human body as the highest aesthetic standards, by objects and people, by people and things, by extension, all similar to the human body like it, feel beautiful.

The ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras has a famous saying "everything beautiful things have common characteristics, this is part and part and part of the coordination and unity between the whole." ”

Let's get married, and Apple and gold are separated into a happy life.

Apple logo

Apple logo apples small and medium leaf height and the height of the gap is 0.6, and the gap between the position and the Gold Division is inextricably linked. Perhaps there are more Golden section of the password, here will be the students to find their own ~

Gold segmentation in the interface

In the case of iphone4, the icon size of the main interface is 114PX*114PX, which is approximately 0.6 compared to the sum of the icons and Line spacing (176PX), and the screen resolution's aspect ratio 640/960 is close to the Golden segment 0.618.

SMS page, information block width of the total screen is also the proportion of gold is very close. Then look at the dial, which is a collection of small golden rectangles. Is it a factor to consider when we don't know how to allocate the proportions of each element in the page?

Let's look at the following examples:

Safari in the address bar and the proportion of the search bar is also applied to the Golden section, a reasonable allocation of space, both to fully display the current address is also convenient for users to choose "Search."

26-Key keyboard, this is the most used in the mobile phone keyboard, the button height and the key to the entire row height ratio is very close to the Golden section, and each button is a small golden rectangle. The ratio here is similar to the gold rate but not exactly the same, this is also very important, because design is not just aesthetics, but also to consider the user touch key accuracy, information, such as the load of many factors.

Color contrast can also be applied to the gold ratio, such as the comparison of lightness, the keyboard in the same height of the dark buttons and light-colored keys on the brightness of the comparison in the near gold style is very easy to identify and distinguish between the key function, but also do not feel too eye-catching.

The application in Web page

This is Apple's official website of the screen, he does not like many sites using the Golden Section to deal with the left and right columns, but the full use of the golden rectangle, reasonable layout of the suites, but also highlight the atmosphere of the style.

Gold Segmentation in ID design

Now widescreen display is already the mainstream trend, 16:9,16:10 this ratio is relatively close to the gold division, they are fully applied to the design of the product. The classic Apple Mac Book Pro also uses 16:10 of this and its proximity to the gold screen design.

They are very happy, what shall we do?

Talk about so much, people will be a little dizzy ah. Haha, know that you are not learning maths, not good at arithmetic son. I'll wrap it up for you.

Apple's design is littered with golden shadows (it is estimated that many of the bright lights in the office are not easy to spot, you can find out, then, that you can use the Golden Section ratio to arrange the elements of a page that you don't know how to arrange without considering other necessary factors. For example, the design of the table, the page of the column, need to have a focus on the interface of two parts.

Using the Golden Section layout of the banner, the proportion of text and pictures is reasonable, the greatest degree of highlighting the text on the basis of the map will not lose luster.

Well, no good application of the gold ratio, cup with a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At the same time, here is also important, is that the other factors mentioned above, this will be clever application, global thinking, can make a real "gold" work out, but not just a gold ratio is not satisfied with the failure of the work.

In the actual use of the process should not blindly copy, if the use of Gold Division ratio, the overall effect is not good, which requires us in the actual creation process, continuous accumulation of experience, to apply freely, should be as far as possible in a variety of forms to create, The laws that are supposed to be useful to us should not be allowed to become a hindrance to the creation of restraint.

Via Baidu MUX

(Huai preface for Lei Feng Network, reproduced please indicate from Lei Feng Net and author)

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