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Well, how about search and discovery?

A good search for exploration is that the human beings are born with the ability. There are many examples in history that mankind has never ceased to explore.

In a good search for exploration, although history is too late to participate, but the future is waiting for everyone to find. Good search for exploration, it is in the information age, in an innovative way, lead people to open the journey of exploration, the unknown world.

Well, how about search and discovery?

Good search to help you find what you want

1, good search is based on the current mainstream of large data processing technology, from the vast number of user behavior data and Web page data mining and expanding to get, not only to provide users with popular content, but also to provide personalized personal guidance, so that users from more angles and deeper depth to understand the information;

2, the choice can be, do not need to enter, the cost of obtaining information is lower.

Card-style display, browsing efficiency improvement

1, single-screen information display volume from the traditional 2.5 to 3.5, faster to find more interesting content;

2, the same type of results directly in the presentation of the form of lightweight distinction, making the results easier to understand, WYSIWYG.

Waterfall flow interaction, reading pleasure Promotion

The structure of the brain determines the human body to the image of the flow of information than the feeling and pleasure of words, waterfall interaction makes the results of browsing more convenient and enjoyable.

Good search Explore Use tutorial

1, download and install a good search after exploration to open a good search

2, input you want to find the content

3, jump out of the results of the successful download can be normal use

4, you can also click on the following options box, there are charts, recommended, ancient costume, etc.

5, of course, there is a lot of pictures, the use of information technology, can provide a more intuitive experience

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