Good small software in Linux: apvlv, zathura and vifm

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I recently went online and met several good software. Including apvlv, zathura, and vifm.
These three small software are all similar VI software, that is, many buttons are imitating VI.
Apvlv and zathura are PDF readers in Linux. Because I have just been in touch with these two, I am going to use apvlv first, and then try zathrua.
Here we introduce two: PDF Reader under two Linux
Use of apvlv:
According to the usage and habits of apvlv, I wrote my own configuration file. This is my configuration file (modified based on apvlvrc. Example of the software): view code "some map
"Map I to Zi, and O to Zo
"Map I Zi
"Map o Zo
"Map the tab Switch
Map W GT
Map e GT
"Map n to <c-F> to goto next page
Map n <c-F>
Map <space> <c-F>
"And P to prepage
Map P <c-B>
Map C J
Map V K

"Map <A-j> <c-W> J
"Map <a-k> <c-W> K
"Map <a-h> <c-W> H
"Map <A-L> <c-W> L

"If start apvlv as fullscreen mode, default is no
Set fullscreen = No

"Zoom value, default is fitwidth
"Zoom has 4 styles
"A float type number
Set zoom = fitwidth

"Set window size
Set width = 800
Set Height = 600

"Set command timeout between two key press
Set commandtimeout = 2000

"Set Default dir
"Set defaultdir = c :\

"Set if use content View
Set content = Yes

"Set weather use continuous view
"Make sure the autoscrollpage is set to" yes "if you want to set this to Yes
Set continuous = Yes

"Set a pad to continuous page
Set continuous3= 2

"Set if auto scroll page when at the end or begin of one pdf page
Set autoscrollpage = Yes

"Set if auto scroll doc from 1st page when goto the last page
Set autoscrolldoc = Yes

"Set if disable ~ /. Apvlvinfo, default is no
Set noinfo = No

"Set PDF object cache size
Set slave cache = 4

"Set if use right and bottom scrollbar
Set scrollbar = No

"Set if use visual mode to select and copy text
Set visualmode = No

"Set if wrapscan text
Set wrapscan = Yes

"Set double click action
"Option value is 'word', 'line' or 'page'
Set DoubleClick = page

"Set GUI options
"M means menu, t means Toolbar
"Set guioptions = m

"Set if use auto reload document
"> 0 means auto reload after some seconds. = 0 means not auto reload
"Set autoreload = 3

"Set if reverted pdf page
"Set reverted = No

I used Yum install apvlv directly on fedora14 for installation.
The installed version is
I found the following problems after use:
1. Shortcuts T and T are not available
2. The sample configuration file says that you can set the GUI, but the software crashes when I set this option.
3. Now I think a big problem is that the bookmarks cannot be returned again.
The original PDF file contains bookmarks, And the Bookmarks can be displayed when it is just opened. However, when I select a bookmarks, the corresponding content can be entered and no Bookmarks can be returned. This is inconvenient.

For vifmThis is a file manager that can be used on the terminal, and also the key-pressing method in VI.
It is easy for people who often use VI.
For more information about vifm, see here.
I used Yum install vifm in fedora14 for installation.

In additionA very useful terminal Image Viewer Feh. It is flexible to use. For more information, see.
There is also a very good mail client mutt (this is the Chinese version), I have been using Thunderbird. Mutt is a software used in the command line and has been learning Vim recently. Therefore, this software is first released and recorded here. You will have time to learn how to use mutt in the future.

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