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Document types supported by GoodReader

Before you transfer files, you need to know which documents GoodReader can support:

Happily, GoodReader supports 03, 07 editions of Office documents, including Word, Excel, ppt, jpg, txt, and various types. However, the special note is that txt text to be changed to UTF-8 format, or after the import is garbled (Modify method: Open txt document-point Save As--the code ANSI selected as utf-8--save).

How to upload files from your computer to the ipad

Next, the key is how to transfer the file to the ipad and read it through GoodReader. In fact, the transfer file is very simple:

1, make sure to open the Ituns and connect the ipad.

2, click on the left column of the device options, and select the application;

3, the rightmost pull down to the bottom, until the Word file sharing, you can find GoodReader has appeared in the application column.

4, click on the application bar in the GoodReader, you will find the right "GoodReader documents" under a "Add" button, point "Add", there will be Windows operating interface, you can select the computer on the user to import files, the point opened, the file will appear in the " GoodReader document "Inside, and after a brief sync, the file is also uploaded to the ipad.

5. After the sync is over, open the GoodReader on the ipad and see if the file is already inside.

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