Google again beat Gmail to support pop3 protocol

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Final After that, my Gmail account has also activated the POP3 function. In setting, I saw forwarding and pop, which was previously forwarding. Set outlook2003 and Oe. Hook, no longer need to mount those strange gadgets. Easy to pop! Setting Method in Answer = 13276 it should be noted that this action to enable the Gmail pop function is not automatic and needs to be completed manually. The following figure shows how to enable this function in Gmail!

1. Check if Gmail has enabled POP3 access for you.

First, log on to Gmail and check whether your account has enabled POP3 access.

Log on to the account and click setting to go to the account setting interface.

If there is only one forwarding tab in your configuration menu, it is a pity that your account cannot enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving Gmail locally.

If either of the configuration tabs is forwarding and pop,Congratulations! Your account has enabled POP3 protocol access..

In, we can see three POP3 options:

The first is whether pop is enabled or not and how it is enabled. The second is the processing method of the server email after the POP protocol access. The third is configuration guidance. Only by enabling the pop function in the first option can you smoothly access Gmail through the POP3 protocol after correctly configuring the client software. Otherwise, you will be notified that you do not have the permission to access Gmail.

Gmail settings are quite user-friendly. Considering that many users have been using Gmail for a long time, there must be a large number of emails in their mailboxes. To prevent users from repeatedly receiving a large number of read mails After configuring the client for the first time, the system adds an "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on" rule. That is to say, after this rule is enabled, all emails in the previous mailbox will be regarded as emails that have been read when accessed by the client, instead of being repeatedly received to the local device, which is quite user-friendly.

For security or other considerations, you can also disable the pop function.

Gmail also provides user-friendly options for determining the nature of mail on the server after POP3 is enabled. Users can customize the email judgment rules after access according to their own wishes.

After configuring the account, we need to configure the mail client software locally. According to the help center of Gmail, the POP3 configuration of Gmail is not the same as the mailbox we usually use. You only need to fill in the POP3 and SMTP addresses. Both protocols must support SSL and must be configured to the specified port.

2. POP3 specific parameter settings

POP3 server SSL

SMTP server or 587Supports SSL (TSL)

Account is the user name, password is the same, mail address is

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