Google associates with some social websites to fight against Facebook

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Google will join hands with some other industry-leading social networking websites to fight against the Internet's new and expensive Facebook.

On Thursday, Google will launch an opensocial set that allows software developers to develop applications for Google's social networking sites Orkut and other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, plaxo, and Ning.

This standard set includes three types of common APIs:

  • Personal Profile Information (user data) profile information (user data)
  • Friend information (Social Relations) Friends information (social graph)
  • Various activities (such as events and news feeds) Activities (things that happen, news feed type stuff)

Obviously, Google's Strategy targets Facebook, the world's second largest social networking website. This spring, Facebook opened its own services and platforms ( for third-party developers /). Since then, more than 5000 Facebook-based applications have emerged, and the number of Facebook users has increased faster.

According to sources, Google's move aims to prevent developers from developing only Facebook-based applications. Google's platform named "opensocial" is compatible with all social networking sites involved in the program. With the launch of the Facebook platform, the number of Facebook users and network traffic increased rapidly, and gradually became the focus of attention in the industry. Of course, Google and other companies also hope to launch a more open platform to attract more third-party developers. In addition to Google, members of the Alliance also include commercial software developers and Oracle ).

A week ago, Microsoft beat Google to reach an agreement with Facebook to acquire 0.24 billion of the latter's shares for $ 1.6%, it also means Facebook is worth up to $15 billion. At the same time, Microsoft is likely to sell ads on Facebook pages out of the United States. One week later, Facebook may launch an advertising system that challenges Google's advertising system. From this we can see that Google chose to launch opensocial at this time, which naturally contains the host. But Joe Kraus, Google's product management director, said that Google had started to frequently contact other members of the Alliance before Microsoft signed an agreement with Facebook.

The success of the Facebook platform has proved that the combination of social data and news seeds can effectively help developers release their own software. Currently, they have become a required feature for many Internet companies. Other social networking websites and network companies, including the US's largest social networking site MySpace and instant information service provider, have also announced that they will open their websites in a similar way. However, the Facebook platform is still the first choice for many software developers.

By working with other companies, Google hopes to build a more attractive platform. According to some news, the total number of members of the Alliance reached 0.1 billion, more than twice that of Facebook. Developers of many popular Facebook applications, including Ilike, slide, frixter, and rockyou, will attend the event at Google's headquarters on Thursday, it also announced that it would customize its own applications for opensocial and develop new applications.

Let's wait and see.

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