Google Chrome adds thunder downloads, QQ tornado, and express downloads (latest graphic tutorial)

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Today, a user asked me a question about how chrome uses thunder download. Chrome has never been used but has never been concerned about this situation, I also felt that Chrome's default download is indeed not in line with Chinese people's usage habits. Today, I will teach you how to add thunder downloads, QQ tornado, and express downloads to the Chrome browser.

Chrome open APIs do not support adding projects to the right-click menu. Therefore, chrome needs to install chrome download assistant to use thunder download.

1. Google Chrome download assistant ExtensionProgramOn the installation page, the current version is: Google Browser Download assistant 5.0.2,
Https:// #

Google Chrome download assistant backup

2. Click "add to chrome" in the upper right corner to start the extension installation.

3. The confirm installation dialog box is displayed, and click Install.

4. After confirmation, "installing..." will appear in the upper right corner ..." .

5. The installation is completed automatically without any operation.

6. If the installation is not successful. In the same situation as me, Google Chrome's download assistant cannot be downloaded. The reason is that Google is being attacked ....

7. Google Chrome download assistant. download the file and drag it to Google Chrome.

8. Set the Google Chrome download assistant, click "Settings" in the upper left corner, select "Tools", and select "extensions ".

9. Click the "Download assistant" option to set the Google Chrome download assistant.

10. Select your default download device and save and close it.

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