Google map search enters the 3D graphics age

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Thanks to Ma Weifeng for his keen interest in Google Earth, he provided the Google Earth website for the first time.Http:// /.

Google released the latest map search service named Google Earth on Tuesday, which combines local search and satellite images to allow users to see 3D images of buildings or terrain. The software used by this service can be downloaded from Google's website for free.

Google Earth allows you to get a bird's nest chart in a region. By drawing closer, you can see 3D images of certain buildings or terrain in some American towns. These images can be skewed or rotated. It also provides you with dynamic navigation and video playback of driving routes. The company's service has been open to Internet users and mobile users.

To seize the lucrative search market, competitors have been pushing new map search services and other tools recently. Microsoft started testing a map search service with satellite photos last week. The Amazon website also launched a service that combines digital photos from several cities in the United States with local information.

Google uses a Google Earth plus (advanced version of Google Earth), which is compatible with GPS (global positioning system), annotation, and other functions, and requires a $20 Annual usage fee. In addition, Google also launched a version that provides HD analysis and printing and other professional tools (Google Earth Pro), the price of which is $400 per year.

  Google Earth Google Earth plus Google Earth pro
  For families and individuals
User's free version
For families and individuals
Paid version
For commercial users
Paid version
Flight roaming anywhere in 3D space
Print, save, and email three-dimensional images Screen Resolution Higher Resolution High Resolution Support
Drawing Tool  
GPS Data Input  
Form data input   100 o'clock 2500 o'clock
Release support Only through the website Website and email Publishing Websites, emails, and mobile phones
Area Measurement    
Optional plug-ins    
Price Free $20 * $400 *

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