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When I simplified and wrote the Google ranking technology in the early days, I thought that GOOGLE ranking would be hot, but I didn't think it would be hot. Every day in 2004, no less than 10 friends in this field called our company for consultation. Every day, the company's SEO business team members spend most of their time on customer selection, while the technical team members are always busy until midnight... ... People are paying attention to SEO. SEO is indeed a very effective online marketing strategy, because it makes it easy for your potential customers to make phone calls. Recently, more and more large websites are paying attention to SEO.

Most of my previous articles on Google ranking strategies are for small and medium-sized enterprise websites, because the nature of large business websites is very different from that of small and medium-sized enterprise websites, therefore, their SEO strategies vary greatly. Here I will discuss the SEO strategies of large websites in detail.
One of the strategies: do not deliberately pursue a keyword ranking
If a large website deliberately pursues a keyword to obtain a good ranking in a short period of time, it is very cost-effective to use all the means. Because of the single keyword, even if the search volume is large, the traffic it brings to you is limited.
Large websites have a large amount of information, with countless keywords. If you can improve the ranking of many keywords on your pages, your traffic will fly.
For example, if a popular keyword is at the top, this keyword can bring you 1000 of the traffic.
However, if you have 100,000 pages, containing tens of thousands of keywords, or even if these keywords can bring you one traffic every day, that is, tens of thousands of traffic.
Therefore, large websites do not deliberately rank a keyword for SEO. It is best to pursue the overall effect!
Policy 2: Do not use dangerous strategies that may be considered as cheating by google.
Large websites rely on a wide range of traffic sources, and search engines can only be one of their important sources. If you do not blindly use some methods that may be used as cheating.
Some people in the SEO industry often use google as a cheating method to quickly achieve rankings. If these methods are used on small websites, once they are punished, the loss is only 60 yuan for a domain name. However, for a large website, the domain name is its most valuable resource, it cannot be changed, so it will cause heavy losses.
Policy 3: several considerations for large websites to improve their overall ranking
1. Let most of the front-end pages "quiet"
As the most basic html page, it was welcomed by more and more people in 2004 to see a large website. If your front-end page still uses complicated ASP, PHP, and programs for presentation. Others will say that your technology is not very good. Why? There are mainly the following reasons:
Static pages in HTML format are easily indexed by search engines and are easy to rank;

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