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Today, I finally looked forward to the invitation code of Google wave and saw the long-time great Bull's product. The first impression was very concise and there were no additional elements in it. It is mainly divided into four major components: navigation, inbox, contacts, and detail. As follows:

I. New Breakthroughs in interaction.

1. the scroll bar of the hypervisor combines up and down with the dragging bar. It not only avoids the large amount of content when you click up and down, you need to move the mouse for a long distance, but also avoids the scroll of too large or too small. It is both practical and beautiful.

2. Minimize innovation and put it at the top of the page, and you can easily use the functions of this module through the drop-down arrow.

3. Dynamic Display of the online status, indicating whether the user is online in green

4. Modify and upload the Avatar directly on the current page, and open up a new way to album (photos) and Google image search (Google Image Search)


To be continued>

Reproduced in: P = 49 outside the cloud, view the world from above

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