Google will discard the plug-in supporting the NPAPI

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Google will discard the plug-in supporting the NPAPI

The latest version of Google Chrome v42 is finally released, as the official blog says. At the same time, the support for the NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) is set to disabled by default. Although Google has long declared that it wants to give up its support for the NPAPI in its mainstream browsers, it was previously said that at the end of, it was postponed to the end of,, it seems that the industry has never paid the same attention as it is now, because many enterprise applications are still heavily dependent on the NPAPI standard plug-ins, such as Java, Microsoft SilverLight, and Outlook webmail file dialog box, unity and so on. If your Chrome browser Enables automatic update, it is likely that it has been automatically upgraded to 42.

Some software manufacturers have taken actions. For example, the latest Flash Player can support PPAPI. However, few vendors follow up. Besides, PPAPI has not been used by other browsers except Chrome and Opera.

Although, NPAPI is indeed a somewhat old technology, it was initially enabled in 1995 Netscape Navigator 2.0 and has been in use for 20 years. However, when everyone is not ready, it will happen. As an enterprise, sometimes the pace of change is not as fast as you think, and it takes time and patience.


You do not need to do anything. You can run it whenever prompted in the search box. Or, if you want to avoid that security prompt, you can enter: Chrome: // flags/# enable-npapi, and then open the NPAPI. See.


It seems that the problem is not serious on the surface, but this will lead us to reconsider the policy that each of our two operating system platforms has two browsers to support. Currently, IE and Chrome are Windows platforms, safari and Chrome are Mac platforms. So do you want to introduce a third party FireFox or replace Chrome? This is still a question. Maybe your company is facing similar problems. It is a test for our administrators to minimize the impact on end users.

Fortunately, Chrome supports customization policies, so we can use them to deploy our policies. By the way, FireFox is also making use of FireFox to support enterprise management and Policy customization.

For Windows, you can use the Group Policy to deploy the service. For detailed steps, see Windows Quick Start.

For Mac, Google Chrome contains the Policy template in Google Chrome/Content/Resources/com. google. chrome. in manifest, this template is suitable for deploying in Workgroup Manager to the network client managed by OS X server. For detailed steps, refer to the following Mac Quick Start.

Below we mainly refer to the following technical details. In fact, the related Plist files can use the following example:


In fact, the most important setting is EnabledPlugins. For more information, see the "EnabledPlugins" document.

Some other Policy parameters are listed later in this blog, which may be useful to other enterprise environments.


The Sandbox technology implemented by Firefox Nightly and Aurora allows you to open the sandbox and support the NPAPI. in the address bar, enterAbout: config, FindPlugins. sandboxAnd change itTrueYou can.

Other browsers such as Opera will also follow up.


None of the above methods is a solution. It can only be a matter of time. It is estimated that it will be completely blocked by Chrome after September, or you will only use the old version.

Java: Is Java old? Maybe or not, but it seems that Java in the browser may actually become a thing of the past. Subsequent development depends on Oracle's decision.

Old technologies are always eliminated, not to mention a technology that brings security risks, so Plugins are dead, and modern technologies such as HTLM5 are the future.

It is true that we all know that the NPAPI is indeed old and should be retired, but many manufacturers do not seem to take positive measures in a timely manner, which is lagging behind the IT industry that is recognized as a rapid development, IT seems a little different and confusing. Looking at the software listed on the list is the big brother of the IT industry, such as MS and Oracle. They used to be the IT pioneers and lead the world, countless other elites are eager to pursue it. Although this article is about a small technical problem, if you have a macro understanding of the IT industry and are faced with an emerging market of new technologies, do you have a feeling that these giants are a little stuck?

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