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Author: Jiangnan Baiyi
SourceForge has been in use for many years. Recently, springside has been used in the background. What are the advantages of gossip in SF mixed rooms? What are the rules, maintain the operation of such a class.

1. m web space

Send a springside.sf.net domain name. You can also direct your domain name to it.
If you use this m space, you must add the SourceForge logo on each page. SF can help you collect traffic statistics.
The sftp of the space running SSH2 for management:
1. Connect to shell.sf.net
2. Enter the two-tier space and go to/home/groups/S/SP/springside.

However, it has a very stingy place-not to advertise on it, including my beloved Google advertising system. So I decided not to use it.

2. CVs and subversion services
CVS runs SSH2: EXT, which does not match the yin and yang of my little turtle. Each file needs to enter a password. If it is slow, it will be disconnected. If it is connected again, it will report locked .....
So angry, I had to change the svn and HTTPS connections. Everything works.
SF also provides a button to switch a project from CVS to subversion... the trend of the times :)
PS. I was lucky that SF had just supported SVN.

3. File Publishing System
SF's super image system is enviable in the absence of great fire wall.
Release Method:
1. edit a release and enter the release name, release note, and change log.
2. Upload the file to upload.sf.net through normal ftp. This is a strange place. You can only upload it with a stuffy head.
3. On the release editing page, select the file you just uploaded. SF is very interesting. You must be obedient, be good, and not choose other people's files.
If you haven't published the uploaded file for a while, it will be cleared.
4. Wait for a long image process. One server will mirror you.
5. RSS is automatically updated.

4. accept donations
Enter the email of the PayPal account. However, the appfuse user received $250 a few days ago and was excited in his blog. It seems that this donation activity is not very enthusiastic, in addition, domestic PayPal has not been interconnected with foreign companies.

5. Project activity Calculation
Display the curve bar chart that includes the page access volume, file downloads, subversion checkout, and checkin quantity with SF logo. springside's current activity percentile is 99.2. In the spirit of national security's top priority, study the calculation of an activity when you are freeAlgorithm.

6. Other things are comprehensive, but it is useless to have different aesthetic points.
Almost all the things needed by a project platform are included. However, the aesthetic perception is different, and its operations are inconvenient.
A. News Publishing System and RSS
B. issue tracker
C. Forum
D .......

The SourceForge project is actually not difficult to apply for. I chose everything according to David. Turing. The project was honestly written in a few hundred words and I approved it in a day.

ps. I'm a little flattered by the evaluation of the top 10 technical blogs in China by Program . During this period, springside's Code was honestly changed. It is estimated that normal blog updates will resume until March.
springside's open-source process has learned many things that could not be reached by closed doors. Thank you!

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