Graduate Training Program for master's degree in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University

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Graduate Training Program for master's degree in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University


1. Applicable disciplines and Majors: Computer Science and Technology (level 1 discipline, engineering)
● Computer system structure (secondary discipline, Major)
● Computer software and theory (second-level discipline, Major)
● Computer Application Technology (secondary discipline, Major)

Ii. Credit requirements:
During the Master's degree, you must earn at least 28 credits, of which public compulsory credits are not less than 6, and subject majors require at least 22 credits. Optional Courses and self-study course credits unrelated to subject and major requirements are calculated separately.

Iii. Course settings

1. Public Compulsory Credits (6 credits)
(1) Course of Marxist Theory
Dialectics of Nature (60610012) 2 credits (examination)
Socialism and Contemporary World (60610021) 1 credit (examination)
(2) First Foreign Language (basic part) (60640012) 2 credits (exam)
(3) Social Practice (69990041) 1 credit (examination)
2. Required credits for subject majors (≥22)
(1) Basic Theory Course (≥3 credits)
Combined Mathematics (60240013) 3 credits (exam)
Algorithm and algorithm complexity theory (70240193) 3 credits (examination)
Calculation ry (70240183) 3 credits (exam)
Random Process (60420094) 4 credits (exam)
Basic functional analysis (60420144) 4 credits (examination)
Optimization Method (60420194) 4 credits (exam)
Applied Mathematical Methods (60420074) 4 credits (exams)
Advanced numerical analysis (60420024) 4 credits (exam)
Optimization Theory (70420084) 4 credits (examination)
(2) Specialized courses (≥19 credits, which can be replaced by basic theory courses)
Microcomputer System Design (70240233) 3 credits (examination)
Advanced Computer System Structure (70240013) 3 credits (examination)
Computer Network Architecture (70240023) 3 credits (examination)
AI principles (70240033) 3 credits (exams)
Computer Control Theory and Application (70240043) 3 credits (examination)
Software Engineering Technology and Design (60240033) 3 credits (examination)
Distributed Database System (70240063) 3 credits (examination)
Knowledge Engineering (70240103) 3 credits (examination)
2 credits (exams) for Computational Linguistics (70240052)
Multimedia Computer Technology (70240133) 3 credits (examination)
Computer Graphics (70240243) 3 credits (exams)
Automatic Digital System Design (70240173) 3 credits (exam)
Intelligent Control (70240073) 3 credits (exam)
Computer Vision (70240083) 3 credits (exams)
Data security (70240093) 3 credits (exam)
Voice Signal Digital Processing (70240123) 3 credits (examination)
Basic Design (70240113) 3 credits (exam)
Computer Aided Geometric Modeling Technology (70240143) 3 credits (examination)
Formal methods and Protocol engineering in computer networks (80240123) 3 credits (examination)
Collaborative work supported by computers (70240223) 3 credits (examination)
Object-Oriented Technology and Application (80240113) 3 credits (examination)
Theory and Methodology of the large-scale layout diagram (70240162) 2 credits (examination)
Engineering Database Design and Application (70240213) 3 credits (examination)
Digital Image Processing (70230043) 3 credits (examination)
Distributed Multimedia System and technology (70240203) 3 credits (examination)
Parallel Computing (80240092) 2 credits (examination)
Performance Evaluation of computer networks and computer systems (70240253) 3 credits (credits)
Design and Practice of Micro-Computer System Interface Technology (60240063) 3 credits (examination)
Artificial Intelligence (for students not majoring in computer science only) (60240052) 2 credits (examination)
Computing Intelligence and Robotics (80240033) 3 credits (exam)
Computer Vision topic (80240023) 3 credits (examination)
ATM exchange technology and B-ISDN principles (80240013) 3 credits (exam)
Statistical processing of random signals (60220013) 3 credits (examination)
Pattern Recognition (60230023) 3 credits (exam)
Network High Performance Computing and super server (80240043) 3 credits (exam)
Literature review and selection report (required) (69990021) 1 credit (examination)
Academic Activities (required) (69990031) 1 credit (examination)
Teaching Practice (not less than 150 hours of teaching activities, in-service study or commissioned training of master students do not participate in this activity) (69990052) 2 credits (examination)
Postgraduate Courses of other majors recognized by instructors (cross-level subjects) ≤ 5 Credits

3. Optional Courses irrelevant to subject and major requirements
To expand your knowledge, you can choose the following courses by your mentor or graduate student. Included in the personal training plan. Credits are calculated separately.
(1) other specialized courses in different level-1 disciplines
(2) optional humanities, social science, economics, management, and environment courses
4. self-study courses
Specialized knowledge related to research topics can be systematically learned by the instructor's designated content and included in the personal training plan. Credits are calculated separately.
5. Makeup courses
For graduate students who lack the business foundation at the undergraduate level in this subject, the relevant courses should be supplemented under the guidance of the tutor. The Supplementary Credit is recorded only for the score, and is not counted into the total credits of the postgraduate stage.

6. Thesis work
The purpose of this thesis is to enable master students to be fully trained in scientific research and to cultivate their abilities to engage in scientific research or independently undertake specialized technical work, contribute to promoting economic construction and social progress.
The preparation of the paper should be started as soon as possible. Graduate students should formulate the dissertation work plan under the guidance of their tutors. The content includes literature reading, Selection Report, scientific research, social survey, research methods, experimental methods, theoretical analysis, text summarization, and other requirements and progress plans. Graduate students should generally complete a written literature review and selection report one year ago in the thesis, and report at a certain range of meetings.
The topic of the dissertation should be from the computer science and technology field and be a topic that promotes the development of the discipline or social progress. We encourage the selection of practical subjects for the main battlefield of the national economy and serve the construction of the four modernizations directly. The research work of graduate students should fully consider the laboratory conditions and existing material conditions, make reasonable arrangements, and improve the level and efficiency.
The Master's Degree Thesis should reflect new insights on the subject, and indicate that the author has the ability to engage in scientific research or independently undertake specialized technical work.
The Master's Degree Thesis should be at least one year's work.
Master students should publish at least one paper in core publications. If you want to graduate from a master's degree in two years, you must comply with the requirements of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University for two years.

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