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At present, many users are doing api-based taoke stations, in addition, the new api sites with a large number of duplicates are not easily indexed and weighted. Baidu is also cleaning up the Taobao customer sites created by the api in a large area. So what we will talk about today is, it is an experience and skill for classifying objects and keywords in detail.

Taobao customer products have three elements:

1. Selling products

2. Product unit price

3. Product Commission

I will analyze the above three elements slowly. Well, I will not talk much about it. To promote Taobao customers, choosing products is the key! Today, we will describe the "acne" product as an example. Let's take a look at a group of data, first of all, the Baidu Index.

Then, the keyword table of Taobao: Top 5 million keywords of Taobao on 2010-07-05 about the "Acne" category. This table is downloaded every week in the data section of Taobao community.

Maybe you will think that this vocabulary is not authoritative, so let's take a look at the data of the Taobao data cube from --. Sort the data by the number of transactions. We can find that, in the second-level classification of "facial essence", among the top eight keywords in the number of transactions, "acne" occupies three places.

Through the above images, I think acne should be a very suitable product for promotion and a project worth doing for Taobao. We will analyze the three elements mentioned above one by one. Why should we consider this.

First: selling products

First, we need to clarify the fact that, on Taobao, the more popular the product will be, the better it will be. The more sold the product, the more difficult it is to start. Secondly, Taobao Mall stores have advantages over Taobao ordinary stores, because Taobao mall stores have accumulated sales in history, while ordinary stores have accumulated sales in the last 30 days.

For example, in the two months of June and February, the same product "yufuquan essence cream acne marks" went to the "zhufuquan flagship store" and "zhufuquan general c store ", the sales volume for each month is 1000 and 2000, but when it is displayed, the "lingfuquan flagship store" shows 3000, while the "lingfuquan general c store" shows 2000. This advantage is becoming more and more obvious in the future.

At the same time, the mall also has various mandatory anti-inflammatory measures and other inherent conditions, so the promotion time should be better than the promotion of ordinary c store. Currently, three types of Taobao Mall stores are available: flagship stores, specialty stores, and specialty stores, which can be viewed from the end of the Treasurer id. When promoting the "acne" product, filter the 25% commission rate at a price of more than 45 yuan, sort by promotion volume within 30 days, as shown in the following figure. The "lingfuquan flagship store" and "bedook flagship store for cosmetics" marked in red boxes are Taobao Mall.

In addition, by clicking shop promotion information, there are also obvious signs of mall stores

Second: unit price of the product

As mentioned above, the product is selling well, and the second store is the product price. We all know that the base price must be sold in a large quantity, but the price is too low, and the Commission for Taobao promotion is also very low. At the same time, if the product price for promotion is too high, it is not conducive to the deal. Under normal circumstances, high-price products are mostly sold by brand-name product customers and old customers. Let's take a look at the range of products with the most deals on Taobao in June 2010.


It is obvious that among the three ranges 0-50, 50-100, and 100-200, the most customers are sold. Therefore, when we are doing Taobao customer promotion and separately selecting promotion themes for further promotion, we mainly choose products of 50-200 yuan. If there is no such product, we can reduce it to about 30 yuan or lower, it is not suitable for independent promotion. It is only suitable for api sites for mass promotion.

Third: Commission rate

The commission rate is the number of points to be divided. The profit rates vary in different industries. For example, for brand mobile phones, the average rate is 5%. For diet products, many of them can reach 50%, the beauty category is generally between 15% and ~ In the range of 40%. On the homepage of Alimama, there is a high-quality shopkeeper recommendation. Their commission ratio is generally set to 10% ~ In the range of 30%.


To sum up, if we want to make a single page or make a topic blog to promote the category, we should try to choose Taobao Mall products. Ideally, the screening commission rate is more than 25%, the unit price is 50-yuan, sort the total promotion volume by 30 days, and search for them on the first two pages.

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