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China's largest search engine Baidu has recently adjusted, a number of site keyword rankings have dropped, my site in the adjustment of the keyword ranking also transferred to 100. Site keyword ranking decline in many reasons, in order to let the keyword ranking can be restored as soon as possible, I seriously analyze the reasons, and then share with you.

First, the site server is unstable

Because the site before the server has vulnerabilities, the site was hackers hung a large number of black links, although the server was patched after the bug, but the problem is still unresolved, coupled with the server immediately expired, forced to replace the server. After the replacement of the server, the site's IP will also be replaced, the IP changes after Baidu will have an audit period, audit site rankings may be unstable.

Second, the Friendship link website influence

I usually do not do friendship links, so there are only two links on the site, and the two linked sites, the site has a serious decline in the weight of the website, the first of its site included from the original 332 to 15, followed by Baidu snapshot than normal slow one weeks. Have such a friendship site, do not worry about the key words do not drop Ah!

Third, the Search engine algorithm adjustment

Site keyword rankings fluctuate, in addition to man-made reasons, search engine algorithm adjustment will also affect the ranking of the site. Most of the recent Web site keyword rankings are not stable, the forum everyone is talking about is not the algorithm changed, is not the search engine algorithm adjustment can see their own similar sites, their keyword ranking is also falling, if everyone has dropped, it really is the search engine algorithm in the change.

Four, the external link loss rate is too high

Stable and effective external links to the site to improve the ranking of keywords is a great help, I generally do outside the chain is to the forum post, but now many forum management has become very strict, generally with links or anchor text posts will be deleted, so that the chain sent out after the search engine has not been included on the delete; The other is sent out of the chain by the search engine included, but then was deleted, search engine second visit when it becomes invalid links, such links if a large number of lost, will lead to weight, the rankings declined significantly.

Keyword rankings are not terrible, terrible is the webmaster do not know how to analyze the cause, do not know how to solve the problem, as long as the problem is to find the location of the key to restore the ranking. Reprint Please specify: Http://

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