Gravity Unlock-user needs research

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User Demand Research Report

Project name: Gravity unlock

Project number

Research topics: User requirements for lock screen software and recommendations for the expected results of our software

Interview Time: 2015.04.15

Research location: Railway Information building, learning a canteen

Interview Department: The College and other college students

Participants: Shing Team 18330107846

1. Purpose of the interview

1. Understand the current user's use of the lock screen software is not satisfied with the place;

2. How to collect users ' suggestions for the expected effect of our software;

2. Key issues

1. Collect information through questionnaire survey;

2, through the targeted explanation, and listen to suggestions

3, analysis, processing the results obtained

3. Research Records

Sample questionnaire:

"Gravity unlocking" software questionnaire

Name: class: contact information:

1. Is your phone using the lock screen software? YES () NO ()

2. How is your phone encrypted? Digital password () gesture password () other () None ()

3. Which aspect of the lock screen software do you pay more attention to? function () appearance ()

4. Does your phone have damage to the power key due to frequent switching? YES () NO ()

5. What are the features of your ideal lock screen software?

6. Do you have any comments or suggestions about our software?

Thank you for your support!

--"Women's nerves" team

4. Problem Feedback

1, now everyone's mobile phone will basically use the lock screen software, choose the way the phone is encrypted most of the choice gesture to unlock;

2, most people use lock screen software are looking for beautiful interface;

3, for our software, most of the hope can be done to prevent misunderstanding lock.

5. Legacy issues

How to achieve anti-misunderstanding lock, in your pocket or when driving.

6. Related Information
    • Questionnaire survey original sample;
    • Questionnaire survey data collection sample;

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Gravity Unlock-user needs research

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