Green and compact mobile phone e-book production + reader (supports txt, jar, UMD, CHM) v2.3 release

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Joymobiler's mobile phone ebook expert upgraded to v2.3.
We still have a free-of-Registration, green, and small style!
V2.3 takes into account that the chm format can be read on both the mobile phone and computer, and adds the function of creating and generating CHM e-books!

Official User Manual

So far, the software has the following functions:

1. Supports Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista;
2. read multiple txt, jar, and UMD e-books (including image e-books) at the same time)
3. Generate txt, jar, UMD, and CHM e-book formats
4. You can merge txt, jar, and UMD e-books to txt, jar, UMD, and CHM e-books.
5. You can set it as the default reader for UMD e-books. Click. UMD to read the reader directly.

6. The software is small, green, and more than 600 K. After decompression, it can be used without installation and additional Java or framework environments.
7. Direct display of popular download e-books on the website!

The interface is as follows:

CHM is as follows:

Official download
We recommend that you use the official download becauseProgramFeatures are updated frequently so that you can get the latest version.

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