Grinding design pattern-the basis of design patterns-learning "ideas" of design patterns

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Why do you want to learn design patterns

Getting started with software architecture and design is about understanding and mastering design patterns.

Design patterns have become a "standard term" for software developers

Learning Design Patterns is a shortcut to personal improvement

No need to reinvent wheels . Learning the hierarchy of design patterns

Basic Entry level "Apply"
Understand and grasp the basic knowledge of each design pattern correctly, be able to identify what is the problem in what scenario, what solution to use, to apply the corresponding design pattern in the actual programming and development

Basic Mastery Level "deformation, craftsmanship"
After that, you have to be able to deform the design pattern.
Deformation premise is, can accurately deeply understand and grasp the essence of design pattern, original aim, only grasp the essence, can ensure correct deformation use instead of misuse

in-depth understanding and mastery of the "absorption of the essence, no recruit wins a recruit"
Mainly from the ideas and methods to absorb the essence of design patterns, and into their own ideas, software analysis design, can be arbitrary, natural applications , like a part of their own thinking

In fact, in development, when solving a problem, it is not just a design pattern, but a combination of

More complicated is, in addition to consider these design patterns, but also to consider the overall system architecture, the implementation of actual functions, and the integration of existing functions and so on. The application of the design pattern is not confined to the design pattern itself, but is applied from the thought and method level.

Can understand, do not know how to apply, at the level of understanding , there is no introduction how to let learning design Patterns

Adjust the mentality, do not want to strong overnight, not impetuous
The first step
Accurately understand the functionality, basic structure, standard implementation of each design pattern, understanding the scenarios that are appropriate to use it, and the effects that are used
Step Two
In practical development, try to use these design patterns, think and summarize over and over again, whether or not to use when, whether the need for change
Step three
Then look back to the theory of design patterns, different periods, sentiment is different, from different perspectives on its thinking
Fourth Step
Repeat the third step . The narrative structure of each pattern

Start a design pattern
Reference implementations
experience a design pattern
Scenario Issues
A solution without a pattern
Solutions for using patterns
Understanding a design pattern
Recognize a design pattern
For each key difficulty function
Discussions and examples in conjunction with practical applications
Disadvantages of the pattern
thinking about a design pattern
The nature of the pattern
The embodiment of design principles
When to choose

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