Group Informatization Road Electronic procurement system material procurement planning module communication meeting

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Electronic procurement system has been used for some time, the main modules have been applied, the recent software companies have been doing planning approval module development work. This module, if there is an ERP system, can be directly from the ERP import procurement plan into the procurement system, and our existing application system does not have such an approval module, so only the following.

If there is no ERP approval module, then the purchase of the plan is either by the Group Procurement Department of the unified import, so it will add a lot of work to the procurement department, so it is obviously not possible. or need to develop a such a plan approval system, and before that we have applied a complete paper approval, and then transition to the OA system to use the workflow approval plan, because the process of approval is longer, this process is repeatedly explored, fortunately, now the implementation of the relatively smooth.

And if the existing in the OA in the approval of the part of the implementation of the system approval, it is obvious that the development workload will be very large, and this need to record the detailed approval process, such as the original reported number of plans, the number of changes in the intermediate approval, after approval needs to be able to view the intermediate approval process and historical traces , and the plan is from the workshop of the factory to the group's production department, Production vice-President, the general manager to be approved, and the middle may appear in the planning of the repeated approval process. Based on the analysis of this approval process, our information Department's opinion is from the factory unification began to report, and then in the group for approval, so as to reduce the difficulty of approval.

Today software companies to explain the software module, each department put forward their own ideas, said that since the workshop can not start to declare, the factory can not be the most basic data management analysis, such approval is not necessary, rather than the original approval method. And the original method of approval, the content of the report and the system is not corresponding to the material, so we put forward the plant now procurement system Planning reporting module input, and then export Excel files in the system, and then in the OA plan approval, for the results of the approval by the Procurement Department in the system to review the update , and then carry out the subsequent procurement work.

When a specific plant is filled out, there are some requirements related to the decomposition of the work, with some workarounds to minimize more development on the current system.

Group Informatization Road Electronic procurement system material procurement planning module communication meeting

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