GTX1080 ti graphics configuration parameters?

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in the completion of the million new Titan X to thousand GTX 1050 layout, the NVIDIA 10 series graphics card family has been lined up in a word, covering different needs and consumption capabilities of users. But in the 5000 yuan GTX 1080 and 9499 yuan of new Titan X there is a small price space, GTX 1080 ti offing.

GTX1080 TI Graphics

Finally, Zauba appears highly suspected of this new card import and export information, model information is: foc/pg611 SKU0010 gpu/384-bit 10240MB GDDR COMPUTER GRAPHICS CARDS, 699-1g611-0010-00 0.

Comparison of the new Titan x signal information is 699-1g611-0000-000, PG611 SKU 00, apparently this "0010" card and its very heritage, almost no more than GTX 1080 TI more reasonable explanation.

Comparison of GTX1080 Ti and GTX1080 graphics card parameters

It appears that GTX 1080 ti did use the same GP102 core as Titan X, but this time the explosion showed that its video memory is 10GB and is expected to be 384bit gddr5x, between GTX 1080 (8GB) and Titan X 12GB.

In other respects, the new graphics card GTX 1080 TI slightly reduced the GP102 core specifications, that is, in the total of 3,840 flow processing units opened 3,228, less than Titan x 256, more than 1080 768, The single floating-point precision reaches 10.8TFLOPS, but the frequency is higher, the tacit frequency can reach 1530MHz, the highest frequency is 1623MHz.

The earlier announcement that NV would release GTX 1080 on next year's CES2017 is $899, but this time the new news is about $1000 (GTX 1080 is 599 dollars, TITAN X 1200 dollars).

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