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I work in a wide range of business marketing planning company, of which the company has done a better business is the trademark registration of this piece. Therefore, as an SEO, the author also took over a number of Guangzhou trademark registration as the theme of the Enterprise station. Along the way, the site optimization for a period of time, have done a good site, of course, have done bad. In the previous period, a ranking has been very good site so silently by K.

Although the k off this site is the Guangzhou trademark registration site is a better one, but K station is not what, the focus is to know to analyze by K station reasons, experience, for their own accumulated valuable experience. Then why is the site K? In this article, I share some of the results of their analysis, for everyone to use for reference.

One, the website collects a lot of articles

See the author collected content, I believe many webmaster will think the author idiot. In fact, if it can be original, the author is absolutely not to collect, but because the number of sites a bit more, therefore, only use the method of collection. While this site is collected, but even if a large number of collection of articles, in the early days of the site can still get a good ranking, which is obviously an algorithm of the drawbacks. But with the development of the site, it seems that the site is no longer subject to the benefits of search engines, the last can only face the results of the site K. Therefore, the author suggested that the webmaster are gathering do not have to be happy, with the emphasis on the original Baidu, excessive collection behavior sooner or later will let the site capsized.

two, too much emphasis on the algorithm, resulting in excessive optimization

In the past period of time, most of the webmaster in the Web site optimization when the search engine algorithm, so also summed up a lot of information, to our later SEO provides reference experience. The search engine algorithm is constantly changing, yesterday's effective algorithm, today can not be guaranteed.

The author was also a member of the follower, since the beginning of the first to now, reading A5, webmaster's home Countless SEO information, since the thought has been invincible, so hastily layout the site structure, for the site logo plus H1 tags, home keywords all bold, keyword density guarantee in 5%, the picture plus ATL (heap a lot of keywords, Khan), the site should be invincible, but the reality is cruel, the site was K is my reality, and the reality also told us, do not have to pay attention to the algorithm, site templates as long as the page to ensure that the performance of excellent, consistent with the user experience on the line. We can also take a look at some of the relatively fast web site, such as Http://www.***.net this site, the site because the structure of the optimization is more reasonable, so the content can be reached a second level, can be used as a reference.

third, the chain has grown too fierce

Learned outside the chain of some building common sense, so the outside chain this piece, the author has been very concerned about the relevance of the chain, the basic is related to Guangzhou trademark registration. And the breadth of the chain is also very good. But in the site was K some time ago, given the author's desire for rankings, so on a large number of submissions soft Wen, peak time even a day a cast is three, four, and even gradually the soft text into a fun, soft text only in order to audit through that kind of happiness, unexpectedly forget the control of the number of chain.

Soft paper submission can bring a lot of high-quality outside the chain this is well known. On the contrary, excessive contributions will also bring disastrous impact on the site, it is easy to lead to a large number of uncontrolled chain increase, by the search engine that is cheating behavior, so that the site was caught the pain foot, then K is understandable.

Four, the website traffic is too little, user experience is too low

Or the site in the absence of the above several operations, the site traffic is too low, then the site will not be K. But after synthesizing, a website appears so many search engines do not like behavior, but the website and have not a few user support, so this kind of website stay in search result also have no meaning. Conversely, if the site user groups are large, and the user experience is relatively high, then the site even if there is a bit of cheating behavior, the same can be the search engine to forgive. This is why the new station even if the original many, ranked still less than some rely on a large collection of old station good.

After the analysis of the author, the combination of the above found that the site seems to be K, even as a webmaster I also feel reasonable. Have such a k experience, the author at least learned in the future of the SEO process, then is to do, what should not do. The formidable stationmaster is rises in numerous website's failure, but relies on innumerable operation teaching materials, can never have the experience which actually brings the precious. If there is a different view, welcome to Gongsunze Guangzhou Trademark registration company Exchange. This article from Guangzhou Trademark registration, reprint please retain the copyright information.

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