GUI Programming note 03:gui component inheritance diagram

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1. Component Inheritance diagram:

2. Analyze the above component inheritance diagram

(1) Component:public abstract class Component extends Object implements ImageObserver, Menucontainer, Serializable

component is a graphical representation of objects that can be displayed on the screen and interact with the user. Buttons, checkboxes, and scroll bars in a typical graphical user interface are examples of components. Component The Toolkit class is an abstract superclass of a menu that is not related to the abstract Window component. You can also extend the class component directly to create a lightweight component. Lightweight components are components that are not associated with native opaque windows.

(2) button buttons;

Label tag;

checkbox check box;

TextComponent text object;

TextArea text field (multi-row multi-column data entry);

TextField text (single line)

These are the controls that are displayed independently

(3) Container: Meaning of the container

The container is divided into window (form) and panel (panels), and the form region of a large window is divided into a number of panels (panel) Small areas

Window objects are top-level windows without boundaries and menu bars. The default layout for Windows is borderlayout. This is not really useful, so we're going to use the sub-class frame and dialog of window.

Container is a container that is a special component, and his role is to install (2) in the control

GUI Programming note 03:gui component inheritance diagram

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