Happy Holidays ~

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Haha, the weather in Wuhan on May Day is very good. Everyone is going to be high. Now I am still working. It's really anxious ~~~ It's time to finish! Yesterday, Qianjiang Zhang delivered the dead command, and said no to shipment on the 10th. It seems that the time is really not enough. After all, the first time I did this kind of project, I had no idea, I don't know the depth, and everything depends on my head. It's really not easy to think about such a short time. Fortunately, mmgg members of the project team are both quite good and have worked very hard. We hope that the results of the first phase of the project can be successfully passed. Otherwise, the subsequent steps will not be good. Well, I had to work overtime today, and it was not enough for the project team to take a vacation today ~~~ They all wanted to rest, so I had to fight alone.

Okay, happy May 5, friends ~~~

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