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Microsoft's Cross-platform operating system Windows 8 brings a new cool interface, easy touch support, and a lot of wonderful apps in the App Store, all of which bring more ease and convenience to our lives. Romantic March, spring, grass so tall, withered branches on the point of sprout quickly into the green leaves, colorful flowers or bud or in full bloom, a vibrant scene.

Weather: Choose a sunny day to travel

Spring outing, of course, to choose a good weather day. Win8 Weather application can display more than 3,000 weather information of cities and regions in China and abroad, the curve shows the day before to the next five days of temperature curve changes, providing a comprehensive intelligent Life index information, to create clothing, food, constellation and other one-stop life travel experience, real-time broadcast 120 urban air Pollution Index, Timely release of weather disaster warning information, and can be concerned about the city's weather information to the beginning of the Win8 screen, the use of very convenient and efficient.

Open Weather application in Win8 computer, choose a good weather date and look forward to good weather.

Calendar: The happy outing plan is marked

Determine the date of the outing, small RU open Win8 system with the "Calendar" application, click the date, mark the spring outing plan content, Win8 Start screen calendar dynamic magnetic paste will automatically show the day calendar of the plan content, short give title, time, place and other key content.

Win8 System "Calendar" application features rich and powerful, the interface is beautiful and clear, we can browse to the current month of all calendar events, different colors represent different calendar content classification. If you need to create a multiplayer group activity, you can add a friend's mailbox to the invitees, and the WIN8 system will automatically send a message to the designated friend, and the message will include a calendar plan introduction and. ics format file, which can be automatically added to the current calendar by using Outlook.

The record in the calendar is synchronized to the Microsoft account, and a reminder message is given at the scheduled time and can be viewed. If the Windows Phone phone and Win8 use the same Microsoft account, whether it is a modification or a reminder, the calendar schedule for the multiple devices will be synchronized in real time.

Gold Map: Query planning Travel route

The date is set, the place is also determined, the traffic is a big problem, how to go to the fastest smooth? Yuyuantan has four doors east and west, from the home of Ru, should be to where recently? The small RU opens the WIN8 the Gold map application, sets the starting point and the end point, quickly selected the most suitable route and the plan.

WIN8 Gold Map is a support for the 3D view of the free map applications, providing location-based life service functions, information rich and comprehensive. Map data covering mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao, all over the 337 level of 2,857 counties and above the administrative division units, can be "shortest" "fastest" "most economical" and other search conditions to automatically generate route planning, but also according to real-time road conditions to choose the best bus or driving routes, while, The application of comprehensive 2600多万条 food, hotels, performances, shopping malls and other information, you can search and eat and drink a full range of life information.

OneNote Records Spring Outing Equipment plan

What are you going to take for your trip? Cameras and mobile phones are of course the most important, although the spring sunshine is not strong, but for girls, sunscreen work is essential, sunscreen, hats, moisturizing spray to bring good; a whole day out, water and snacks to bring ... Xiao Ru opened the notes in the Win8 to use OneNote and recorded all the travel items you thought of. Note Application OneNote is optimized for Windows 8, with a clear, concise interface that makes it easier to collect, store, organize, and share information. At the same time, OneNote integrates cloud services to easily save and synchronize note information on a variety of devices, anytime.

The preparations are done! Happy to look forward to the sunny days of travel that day is coming soon.

Travel to enjoy flowers, camera and WP mobile phone to take photos

Finally wait until the plan Dazhen April spring flower of that day, WP mobile phone and WIN8 computer with familiar sound reminder plan, according to the previous in the map of the route of the travel routes, very smoothly reached Yuyuantan park. Sunny Weather plus beautiful spring scenery, holding a camera to keep, want to leave the beautiful springtime in the photos and memories.

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