Hard disk Recorder Frequently asked questions troubleshooting DVR trouble shooting

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  1. First, Q: After the boot, the hard disk recorder can not start a: possible reasons: 1. Input power is not correct 2. Switch power cord Contact is not good 3. Switching power supply bad 4. Hard drive corruption or hard drive cable problems

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    Second, Q: The DVR will automatically restart after a few minutes or often crashes a: possible causes: 1. The input voltage is not stable or too low 2. Hard drive jumper incorrect 3. The hard drive has bad or hard drive line bad 4. Switching power supply is not enough 5. The front-end video signal is not stable 6. Bad heat dissipation, too much dust

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    Third, Q: After the boot cannot find the hard disk A: Possible causes: 1. The hard drive power cord is not picking up 2. Hard drive cable Bad 3. Hard drive jumper error 4. Hard Drive Bad

  4. 4

    IV. Q: Single channel, multi-channel, all video no output A: Possible causes: 1. The program does not match, re-upgrade the correct program 2. The image brightness becomes 0, and the default setting of 3 is restored. Video input signal is not or too weak 4. Channel protection (or screen saver) is set

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    Five, Q: Real-time image problems, such as video image color, brightness distortion serious, such as: 1. With BNC output, the N and PAL system selection is not correct, the image will be black and white 2. The DVR does not match the monitor impedance 3. Video transmission distance too far or video transmission line attenuation is too large 4. DVR Color , brightness, and so on are not set correctly

  6. 6

    Six, Q: Local replay query does not have video answer: Possible cause 1. Hard drive data cable or jumper error 2. Hard drive Bad 3. Upgrade the program that differs from the original program file System 4. The video you want to query has been overwritten by 5. The video was not opened.

  7. 7

    Q: Local query video huaping A: Possible reasons: 1, the picture setting is too low 2, the program data read error, the code flow display is very small, full screen mosaic when playback, general machine shutdown after restart normal 3, hard drive data cable and hard drive jumper error 4, hard disk failure

  8. 8

    VIII. Q: Monitor no sound answer: possible cause 1, not active pickup 2, not active audio 3, audio line bad

  9. 9

    Nine, Q: Monitoring There is sound, playback no sound A: Possible reasons: 1, set the problem: Audio options are not open 2, the corresponding channel is not connected to the video, the image blue screen, playback will be intermittent

  10. 10

    Ten, Q: Time is not correct answer: Possible causes: 1, set error 2, bad battery contact 3, low voltage

  11. 11

    XI.: DVR cannot control gimbal A: Possible causes: 1, front-end gimbal failure 2, gimbal decoder settings, wiring, installation is not correct 3, the DVR in the Gimbal setting is not correct 4, the gimbal decoder and the DVR protocol does not match 5, a plurality of decoders, gimbal decoder a The distal end of the B line needs to add 120 ohms to eliminate the reflection and impedance matching, otherwise it will cause gimbal control instability 6, far away

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    13, Q: Dynamic detection does not work a: Possible causes: 1, the time period is not set correctly 2, the dynamic detection locale is not appropriate 3, the sensitivity is too low

  13. 13

    14, Q: The client or the Web can not login A: Possible causes: 1, the client cannot install or the operating system is Win98 or win me: recommended to update the operating system to WIN2000SP4 or above version, or install the lower version of the client software 2, ActiveX control is blocked 3, do not install dx8.1 or above version, upgrade graphics driver 4, network connection failure 5, network setup problem 6, the name and password is incorrect 7, the client version does not match the DVR program version

  14. 14

    XV, Q: Network preview screen and video file playback when there is a mosaic or no image a: Possible reasons: 1, the network is not good 2, the client is not a resource limit 3, the DVR network settings selected multicast mode, multicast mode will have more mosaic, not recommended choice. 4, the Local Settings area occlusion or channel protection 5, the logged on user does not have monitoring rights

  15. 15

    16, Q: Network connection instability A: Possible reasons: 1, computer or DVR RJ45 interface bad Contact 2, network instability 3, IP address conflict

  16. 16

    17, Q: Burning/usb backup Error A: 1, the recorder and the hard disk hanging on the same data line 2, the volume of data is too large CPU occupied resources, please stop recording and backup 3, the amount of data exceeds the capacity of the backup device, will cause burning error 4, the backup device is incompatible 5, the backup device is damaged

  17. 17

    18, Q: The keyboard does not control the DVR A: Possible reasons: 1, the DVR serial port settings are incorrect 2, the address is incorrect. 3, when connected to a plurality of converters, arch power is insufficient, need to supply the converter 4, transmission distance too far

  18. 18

    19, Q: Alarm signal can not disarm a: possible causes: 1, Alarm set incorrect 2, manually opened the alarm output 3, input device failure or connection is incorrect

  19. 19

    20, Q: The alarm does not work a: Possible causes: 1, the alarm set is not correct 2, the alarm wiring is not correct 3, the alarm input signal is not correct 4, an alarm device simultaneously access 2 loops

  20. 20

    21, Q: Remote control can not be controlled a: possible reasons: 1, the remote address is not 2, remote control distance is too far or the angle of 3, the remote control battery used up 4, the remote control damage or video recorder front panel due to external causes are damaged

  21. 21st

    22, Q: Video storage time is not enough a: possible reasons: 1, hard disk capacity 2, the front-end camera quality is poor, the lens is too dirty, backlight installation, aperture lens is not tuned, etc. caused by the code stream is relatively large 3, hard disk damage

  22. 22

    23, Q: Download file can not play a: possible reasons: 1, did not install Dahua Player 2, not installed DX8.1 version graphics acceleration Software 3, converted to AVI format files with Media Player playback, the computer does not install DivX503Bundle.exe plug-in 4, WinXP operating systems need to install plugins DivX503Bundle.exe and ffdshow-2004 1012. exe

Hard disk Recorder Frequently asked questions troubleshooting DVR trouble shooting

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