Hard drive cannot find MBR what to do?

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This problem is due to improper operation caused by your hard disk's MBR (Master boot record, that is, the hard drive's master boot Records.) ) has been damaged.

For ease of understanding, the MBR is generally divided into two broad and narrow categories: The broad MBR contains the entire sector (bootstrapper, partition table, and delimited identity), which is referred to as the master boot record, and the narrow-sense MBR refers only to the boot program.

Let's take a look at what is called formatting first. For the general we format inside the system, the surface is what we understand to delete the data. In fact, the data is equivalent to a library of books, so many books if we need to manage and check or replace need to develop a directory. The MBR is similar to that function, including how big the library is, how many books it has, how much it is divided into reading areas, what types of areas to divide into, and so on. If you remove the MBR, it destroys the directory. Those books have become unknown to you, and so are the data. The data cannot be read by conventional means, and then we can understand it as deleted. Overriding the overlay point is OK.

Just like you did on the above, format it to the general (burn off the directory to burn half). The result is that you can only recognize the general content. So you just recognize a little bit of hard drive. Some of this MBR can be modified by the system, while others need to be modified with other software. The things that are recognized are different. Therefore, your PQ is an error.

At this point we need a little bit of skill, that is, using an XP system disk. Each installation of the XP installation version prompts you to partition and format the partition, which is very low-level and powerful (or explained by brute force).

We can use that function as a tool to restore the MBR. First use it to remove the remaining partition table on the entire hard disk, then create one or two system partitions, leaving the remaining space to the system and not too late (because XP's partition tool is relatively low-level, it can only be divided into primary partitions.) A hard disk can only write 4 primary partitions, and then exit.

Then you ghost or install the pure version or not, all can!

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