Hard drive has a physical bad way to do

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hard drive has a physical bad way to do

HDD has a physical bad way solution one:

For the physical bad, the average user can not repair, the only thing we could do is to use some disk software to separate it into a single area and hide it, so that the head no longer read it, which can extend the hard disk life to some extent. It is important to emphasize that the use of bad hard drive, must always do a good job of data backup, because there is a bad on the hard drive, more bad road will follow.

(1) Through Disk Genius screen hard disk physical bad way

Download disk genius from the Internet, according to the method described earlier, make a system boot floppy disk, and then the download of the compressed package uncompressed, Disk Genius main program "Diskgen.exe" copied to the floppy disk. Of course, if you don't have a floppy disk, you can also store the software on your hard disk or other media.

Start the computer with the floppy disk, enter the "Diskgen" command at the prompt, and return to the program. After entering the main interface of the program, press the ALT key to activate the function menu and select the tools → HDD surface detection menu command.

The system will now show "test the current partition hard disk surface?" Bad sector list will be saved to BACDSECT.TXT "prompt, select" Scan "and enter, the scan mode selection dialog appears, the scanning mode is: By sector scan, by track scan and by cylinder scan, it is recommended to select the" by Sector "option. When you click the By sector option to scan, a scan Process dialog box appears, and the Sound of "AIDS, AIDS" is emitted when the bad path is scanned. When you are done, you will receive a hint that there are bad sectors and a few bad sectors.

Restart Windows, back up all the data on your hard disk to another piece of media, and then open the BACDSECT.TXT file in the floppy disk, record the results of the scan in detail in this file, and use the information in the following procedure.

Restart the computer with a floppy disk, enter the "Diskgen" command at the prompt and return, enter the main interface of the program, press the ALT key to activate the function menu, select "Partition → delete Partition" menu command, delete the original partition. Then select the partition → new partition (or extended Partition) menu command, according to the bad sector location recorded by the BADSECT.TXT file, divide the 10~20mb space of the bad sector into a single zone (this is to reserve some space for the bad-way diffusion).

Note: During partition operation, if wrong, the software provides a "reload" command that restores the hard disk to the initial partition state. Because all the operations of the software prior to saving are in memory only, you can use multiple partitioning to control the size of the partition that contains the bad path within the specified range.

Finally, press the ALT key to activate the function menu, press the TAB key to select the partition that contains the bad sector, and select the partition → hide menu command to hide the partition that contains the bad path.

Hard drive has a physical bad way solution two:

If really bad way of physics, there is no way to repair, if it is the physical scratch of the disk, then even the manufacturers can not Miaoshouhuichun, only through the software will be broken part of the cut, so that the hard disk capacity will become smaller.

If you can not determine if it is a physical bad, the hard disk software such as DM to fill out the hard disk data 0, 0, and so the data are wiped clean (low lattice is equivalent to wipe after the grid), if it is a logical bad way, in the process of filling in zero will be repaired, If the test has a bad way to show it, then it is almost certain that the physical bad way.


Bad way is not serious words in fact does not affect the normal use, it is not the only change, the computer card is most of the system problem, to see if the system has the possibility of optimization

Jammed is not necessarily a hard drive problem, may be installed too many software, or the computer configuration is outdated you can reinstall the system, try to see if there is any improvement in peacetime as far as possible to develop a good habit of use, do not install the software of dubious origin, if the computer configuration is more general, you can not install anti-virus software, so that the operation will As for whether the hard drive has a bad way, you can use software to detect, such as Master Lu and so on. I hope it will help you.

You can first use the detection software to see if the hard drive is bad, recommend Hdtune, more useful. If the detection of bad road is indeed more, you can use the computer with the disk repair function to repair, but if there is a physical bad, it is impossible to repair. It is recommended that the landlord first fix the hard disk, the contents of the inside copy, and then the low grid hard disk, thoroughly formatted once.

Local bad way, you can use PQ zoning software to hide the Bad section, and then normal use of partitions, if it is a large area of bad, it is recommended to replace a new hard drive

With MHDD detection, if the bad distribution of a lot of, then directly change the hard drive, now hard drive price is not expensive, 1T of less than 400. If you have a bad way, use PQ to shield the area from the bad road. Similar to this situation, I have been to other people to deal with a lot of hard disk, a few years can be normal use.

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