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# Include <conio. h> <br/> # include <memory. h> <br/> # include <stdio. h> <br/> # include <stdlib. h> <br/> # include <string. h> <br/> # define szname 80 <br/> # define hash_root 47/* random number used to calculate the hash address */<br/> # define szhash 50/* hash table total length */<br/> # define population 30/* Total number of students */</P> <p>/* hash table structure body */<br/> struct thash {< br/> int key; /* key code */<br/> char name [10];/* name */<br/> int depth;/* search depth */<br/> }; </P> <p>/* calculate the hash address based on the key code and hash root */<br /> Int gethashaddress (INT key, int root) <br/>{< br/> return key % root; <br/>}/ * end gethashaddress */</P> <p>/* Calculation of conflicting addresses. If an address conflict is found, use the current address, key code, and hash root to generate a new address */<br/> int getconflictaddress (INT key, int address, int root) <br/>{< br/> int ADDR = address + key % 5 + 1; <br/> return ADDR % root; <br/>}/ * end getconflictaddress */</P> <p>/* generate a hash key code based on the string, the method here is to accumulate all characters in the string in the numerical form and */<br/> int createkey (char * Name) <br/> {< Br/> int key = 0; <br/> unsigned char * n = (unsigned char *) Name; <br/> while (* n) key + = * n ++; <br/> return key; <br/>}/ * end createkey */</P> <p>/* enter a name, return the hash key code */<br/> int getname (char * Name) <br/>{< br/> scanf ("% s", name ); <br/> return createkey (name ); <br/>}/* end createkey */</P> <p>/* Create a hash table based on the number of students, length, and hash root */<br/> struct thash * createnames (INT size, int root, int population) <br/>{< br/> int I = 0, key = 0, ADDR = 0, depth = 0; char name [10]; <br/> struct thash * h = 0, * hash = 0; </P> <p>/* the hash root and length cannot be too small */<br/> If (size <root | root <2) return 0; </P> <p>/* construct an empty hash table based on the hash table length */<br/> hash = (struct thash *) malloc (sizeof (struct thash) * size); </P> <p>/* clear the entire table */<br/> memset (hash, 0, sizeof (struct thash) * size ); </P> <p> for (I = 0; I <population; I ++) {<br/>/* generates a random Student name, calculate the hash key code based on the name, and then calculate the address based on the key code */<br/> key = G Etname (name); <br/> ADDR = gethashaddress (Key, root); <br/> H = hash + ADDR; <br/> If (H-> depth = 0) {/* if the current hash address is not occupied, store the data */<br/> H-> key = key; <br/> strcpy (H-> name, name ); <br/> H-> depth ++; <br/> continue; <br/>}/* end if */<br/>/* If the hash address is already in use, that is, a conflict exists, find a new address, until not occupied */<br/> depth = 0; <br/> while (H-> depth) {<br/> ADDR = getconflictaddress (Key, ADDR, root); <br/> H = hash + ADDR; <br/> depth ++; <br/> }/* End while */<br/>/* store data according to the new address and record the retrieval depth */<br/> H-> key = key; <br/> strcpy (H-> name, name); <br/> H-> depth = depth + 1; <br/>}/ * Next */<br/> return hash; <br/>}/* end createnames */</P> <p>/* search for a student's record with a specific hash root in the hash table */<br/> struct thash * Lookup (struct thash * hash, char * Name, int root) <br/>{< br/> int key = 0, ADDR = 0; struct thash * h = 0; <br/>/* empty tables and names are not accepted */<br/> If (! Name |! Hash) return 0; <br/> key = createkey (name); <br/> ADDR = gethashaddress (Key, root); <br/> H = hash + ADDR; <br/>/* if the result is incorrect, the search will continue according to the conflict rule */<br/> while (strcmp (H-> name, name )) {<br/> ADDR = getconflictaddress (Key, ADDR, root); <br/> H = hash + ADDR; <br/> If (H-> key = 0) return 0; <br/>}/ * end while */<br/> return hash + ADDR; <br/>}/* end lookup */</P> <p>/* print the student information of the Record Based on a hash table record */<br/> void print (struct thash * R Ecord) <br/>{< br/> If (! Record) {<br/> printf ("[]/n"); <br/> return; <br/>}/ * end if */<br/> If (record-> depth) <br/> printf ("[key code] % 04d/T [name] % S/T [retrieval depth] % d/N", record-> key, record-> name, record-> depth); <br/> else <br/> printf ("[blank record]/n "); <br/>/* end if */<br/>}/* end print */</P> <p>/* print the student roster */<br/> void display (struct thash * hash, int size) <br/>{< br/> struct thash * h = 0; <br/> If (! Hash | size <1) return; <br/> printf ("student roster:/N"); <br/> printf ("--------------------/N "); <br/> for (H = hash; H <pash + size; H ++) {<br/> printf ("[address] % d/T ", h-hash); <br/> Print (h); <br/>}/ * Next */<br/> printf ("------------------/N "); <br/>}/ * end display */</P> <p>/* main function, program entry */<br/> int main (void) <br/> {<br/>/* hash table variable Declaration */<br/> struct thash * hash = 0, * h = 0; <br/> int cmd = 0;/* command */<br/> char name [10]; /* Student name */</P> <p>/* generate a hash table for 30 students */<br/> hash = createnames (szhash, hash_root, population ); <br/> for (;) {<br/> printf ("hash table display: 1-display hash table; 2-search name; other keys Exit: /n "); <br/> cmd = getch (); <br/> cmd-= '0'; <br/> switch (CMD) {<br/> case 1: Display (hash, szhash); break; <br/> case 2: <br/> printf ("enter the name of the student to search: "); <br/> scanf (" % s ", name); <br/> H = Lookup (hash, name, hash_root ); <br/> printf ("[address] % d/T", H-hash); <br/> Print (h); <br/> break; <br/> default: <br/> free (hash); <br/> return 0; <br/>}/ * end case */<br/>}/* Next */<br/> return 0; <br/>}/ * end main */

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