HD Audio first enters the mobile phone, and mobile PCs and TVs will be closely followed.

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Today, as mobile QQ or MSN enters the mobile phone, mobile users begin to enter the new era of video chat or video conferencing, but due to mobile environments (such as elevators, roads, squares, restaurants, bars, trains, and automobiles) mobile phone users are increasingly eager for HD Audio due to various noisy noises or interference. This is why HD Audio has already ranked first in the mobile phone market today.


Another reason is that mobile phone homogeneity is becoming more and more serious today. Starting from the most difficult audio, it is also a good way to improve the product grade. "HD Audio will be a key way for mobile phone manufacturers to provide differentiated products," said Duncan macadie, product line manager of OSS audio center ."


In addition, as Skype is becoming more and more widely penetrated into laptops, tablets, netbooks, and Internet TVs, the demand for video calls or conferences at airports, bars, or living rooms using mobile PC devices and TVs has also begun. Naturally, users also began to require mobile PC devices and TVs to provide the same quality of calls as the Polycom voice conferencing system in today's conference room. "At present, Internet TV and tablet computers have begun to have high-definition audio needs," said Duncan macadie ."




As a result, Apple TV, which is currently a hot topic in the industry, is likely to use high-frequency audio technology to demonstrate its differentiated performance. After all, there are currently not many killer jobs have.


The definition of HD Audio here includes the following four aspects: First, you can hear and be heard anytime, anywhere, whether you are using headphones or not using a mobile phone. Second, sound Quality comparable to high-end hi-fi; third, sound enhancement, such as surround sound and speaker virtual location scaling; fourth, consistent sound effects on different multimedia devices.


Today, mobile phones have become an increasingly complete mobile communication and entertainment platform. audio streams include at least the following six types: voice, digital music playback, Bluetooth headsets, mobile TVs, ringtones and prompts, and FM radios are increasingly complicated to manage analog and digital audio sources with different data formats and sampling rates.


But at the same time, the consumer market does not want the mobile phone to become larger, thicker, more costly, and worse sound quality, this requires that the new mobile phone design must have the same PCB footprint or smaller, have no impact on the system eBOM cost or have little impact, have better scalability and repeatability, and have a sound quality not lower than the dedicated PMP, ringtones/music /Voice/speaker sound must be large and clear, music playback time should be improved by about 10 times, and there is no loss of voice call quality (can connect and understand each other anytime, anywhere) easier integration and shorter time to market.


To meet all these requirements, only one fully integrated Audio SoC solution can be used, which is precisely the reason for the recent release of the WM8958 Audio Center (Audio Hub) solution by ou Sheng microelectronics. In addition, as mobile phones become increasingly popular online chat or conference platforms, consumers' requirements for audio systems are getting higher and higher. For example, no matter how many people are talking, the audio receiving system only receives my own voice, and the rest of the voice can be filtered out. When I talk to each other, I not only cannot hear the echo of the line, but also hear more real surround sound effects.


To meet these high-definition audio requirements, WM8958 must be used in combination with AudioPlus series products of ousheng, such as audio MEMS Microphone Arrays, noise elimination chips, echo cancellation/beam formation/virtual surround sound DSP chips, and power management chips, the overall solution composed of these chips provides high-definition Audio (HD Audio) solutions for next-generation multimedia devices, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, e-books, and various navigation devices.


WM8958 is a multi-channel, ultra-low-power audio Center solution that provides 100dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) during DAC playback ), at the same time, its built-in stereo D/AB class speaker drivers and W class earphone drivers can minimize power consumption during audio playback.


WM8958 also comes with an audio enhancement DSP that can run a multi-band compressors (MBC), which ensures that sound effects are significantly louder and more transparent from small speakers, without overload or damage. By working with a parametric balancer and dynamic range Controller on a single board, MBC can provide the ability to expand and optimize speaker output, bringing exceptional audio playback for various multimedia applications and cell phone ringtones.


In addition, its stereo sampling rate conversion and multi-channel digital sound mixing functions, combined with powerful analog sound mixing capabilities, allow WM8958 to support a set of different architectures and use modes.


The smart digital microphone interface of WM8958 provides power rectification, a low-jitter clock, and a sampling filter for up to four digital microphones (such as ousheng's WM7210 and WM7220, at the same time, active grounding loop noise elimination and DC bias correction can help relieve the blasting sound and suppress the grounding noise on the earphone output.


Duncan Macadie, product line manager of the ousheng audio center, pointed out: "The WM8958 audio center not only provides signal-to-noise ratio of up to 0.01% dB, of total harmonic distortion, and MW of ultra-low music playback power consumption, moreover, its multi-band compressors significantly improve the multimedia listening experience of portable applications. When combined with a series of industry-leading AudioPlus products, WM8958 will bring high definition audio to the next generation of multimedia devices ."


He revealed: "The Next Generation audio center of ousheng will integrate functions such as active noise elimination, active echo elimination, 3D virtual surround sound, and MP3 playback, this allows you to reduce the current 4-chip HD Audio solution to only 2 chips to further reduce the occupied area and eBOM costs."


In the near future, HD Audio will drive the emergence of the following three trends: first, audio will become a social media, everyone can share music from different sources (such as mobile phone voice, local MP3, streaming media, FM radio, Bluetooth, USB and Dock), and different people can share music from different sources. This requires that the next generation of multimedia devices must have advanced sound mixing and routing functions, environmental noise elimination functions, larger speaker output power, virtual surround sound and HD subwoofer functions.


Second, the HD video capturing device will also have the HD Audio capturing function. To achieve HD audio capture, the system must have multiple MEMS microphones, dynamic volume control, wind noise suppression circuit, high bit rate encoding, and Virtual Surround Sound Recording Circuit.


Third, the HD speaker amplifier will appear, which will make the mobile hands-free conference call quality comparable to the current best wired solution, such as Polycom voice conferencing system. To implement high-definition speaker loudspeakers, the system must have audio signal optimization functions (including voice processing and Noise Filtering for receiving channels, noise elimination for transmitting channels, Echo elimination, emission channel purification, and sound localization) multiple microphones are used to enhance the audio receiving effect, speaker protection, and automatic gain control.


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