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Business Portrait Refinement is a complex process, the author summed up a set of perfect ideas, divided into four steps: The basic modification, light and shadow molding, exquisite portrayal, color matching; This method is very good, not only clear the process of the revision, while as far as possible to deal with the image of fine, perfect.


Final effect

First, the basic modification

1, we look at the original image, will find the neck and clavicle part of the exposure, need to press dark. Set up the graph layer of the whole press dark, select the Mask ctrl+i mask reverse, white brush tool to wipe out the part to be pressed dark. Finish to name the layer "pressure mortise bone".

2, the neck and clavicle part of the black after the stamping layer, the seal layer liquefaction. Liquefaction needs to be noted, how to make the details of the body more perfect, such as a curved curve is not very good to become smooth, so that the body more full harmony, rather than the majority of people said that thin, liquefaction is a thin body this is a cognitive misunderstanding. After you have finished, name the layer "stamped liquefaction."

3, liquefaction, new blank layer, acne printing, hair around the broken, wrinkles, dirty spots background. Use the Repair brush tool. Use the Repair Brush tool on a blank layer to select the current and bottom layer of the sample column on the top right of the PS window. The meaning of fixing on a blank layer is that it can be modified at any time without affecting the finished layer.

4, repair the defective after the stamping layer, on the stamped layer to make further adjustments, with a repair brush to repair the interior of the hair. Local liquefaction, so that the lips more plump, the nose is a little bit, the eye curve to do some mellow, the right eyebrow brow part of the drop some. After you have done this, name the layer "stamping further details adjustment".

5, the hairline repair, in the vicinity of the hairline to create a constituency ctrl+j copy, get a new layer, drag to the place to repair, add masks, reverse, select white brush smear to repair the part, repeated adjustment to achieve the desired effect. Name the layer "patch forehead hair," and package all previous layers into groups.

6, the basic decoration finished, packaging group named as the basic decoration. (Note: All the working layers must be named after it, in a lot of time to go back to change can quickly find the layer you need to modify, this is a professional planner should develop the basic habit).

Second, the shaping and optimization of lighting

1, basic modification finish, start to do neutral ash preparation: Set up observation group. Observe the component three steps to establish, the first step establishes the black and white layer.

2. The second step of the observation group: Create a new blank layer, fill the layer with black, and change the layer mode to soft light to get a deeper effect.

3, the Observation group Third step: New graph layer, pull out a curve aggravating contrast. Then click the previous two layers to package the build group to name the watch group. (Note: Soft light mode layer transparency can be adjusted as needed, dark black to see the details, reduce the transparency, the light of the contrary.) The curve also adjusts parameters at any time as required).


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