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Mechanical hard disk is not limited to read and write times, but the mechanical structure has the service life. and solid-state hard disk in theory, the life is really shorter than the mechanical hard disk, but the actual use of the current solid state drive normal service life has been up to 5-10 years, and because there is no mechanical structure, not afraid of collisions, fall, power outages, so small part of the view that the actual use of solid state hard

Note: Mechanical hard disk is more like a precision closed optical drive

Mechanical hard disk is more like the operating principle of optical drive, there are hard disk disc (similar to CD-ROM), drive disk rotation of the motor, magnetic head, is a precision mechanical device, working principle is through the head to find high-speed rotating disk information, to complete the data exchange work, is closed to the optical drive.

and the mechanical structure if not maintenance will also "fatigue", so the mechanical hard disk with a long time will appear noise, seek for longer and so on, which is affecting the mechanical hard disk life of the main problem.

Note: Solid-State drives are more like a USB disk with larger capacity and faster speed

Solid-state hard disk more like the working principle, by the Flash media Storage data and master chip to control the work, the role of Flash media is to allow integrated circuits to replace the disc, through the constant charge and discharge to write and read data, and through the main control chip to complete the data exchange. Solid-State drives do not have a mechanical structure, and do not need to seek, so read and write speed more mechanical hard drive a lot faster. But because the memory chip charge and discharge times are limited, each read and write, is a charge and discharge process, so the impact of solid-state hard disk life is mainly read and write times, capacity.

 How long is the mechanical/solid-state drive life?

Mechanical hard disk Life is generally calculated by year, generally in 3 years or more than 5 years, so many hard disk manufacturers are quality assurance of 3 years or 5 years. Of course, more than 3 years also does not mean that the hard disk can not be used, but performance will be reduced, there is noise, such as driving a car, the mechanical structure will appear aging, so need maintenance, but mechanical hard disk use for 5-10 years completely no problem, or even more.

Solid-state hard disk life standard is generally written or written capacity, the calculation of capacity units are not intuitive, including 4 K, 8K of random write capacity, usually in TB, PB units to calculate, the general professional and enthusiasts see write capacity. Here is to introduce the number of writes, according to the different types of flash memory chip (SLC, MLC) solid-state hard disk reading and writing can be reached 1.1 million times, professional class can be millions, the shortest range of service life can also reach 5-10 years.

The number of writes does not mean that the SSD is broken after 10,000 times, but each storage unit can be up to 1.1 million times, a flash memory chip has many storage units, and the master chip will automatically allocate data to different storage units in order to share the life risk. Just like there are many toilets in the public toilets, where each toilet can be used 10,000 times, but therefore not to go in 10,000 people will use a toilet, the more the toilet, the longer the life of the public toilet. and the reduction of the life of solid-state hard disk is characterized by a number of read and write after the failure of the flash deposit, the other can be used normally, like a toilet is broken, and other can be used, public toilets run as usual.

Summary: No need to worry about the life of solid state hard disk

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